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Nobody is perfect but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the best parent to your child. There are always opportunities to do more and be a better role model. As you reflect on how you’ve been this past year, think of the road ahead too—the new year poses another chance to start anew, develop new habits, and improve ways of doing things.

If you need a little nudging to start your own goals, check out these 2020 resolutions. They’re easier said than done, but the results can have a significant impact on your family life.

#1 Be more patient

At times when you feel like yelling or snapping, try to breathe deeply and opt for a more loving, compassionate way of dealing with your child. Patience is a virtue that kids learn from their parents as well. Instead of getting annoyed at the smallest things, show your child how not to lose their temper in challenging situations by modeling this behaviour.

#2 Say “yes” to more quality time

Time passes by quickly and before you know it, your little one has grown already. Make the most of your time with them. If there is an opportunity to bond, grab it. If you’re a working parent, treat time with your family sacred. Do not always compromise your time together for work. Try not to check your email during family activities or bring home work during the weekends.

#3 Always be present during family dinner

Try your best to clock out of work to make it in time for family dinner. Aside from breakfast time, dinner is the best time to check on how your kids’ day went and if they need anything for the next day.

#4 Take care of yourself

If you think being a parent this year has taken so much of your time, make it a point to take care of yourself even more by 2020. Make self-love a priority too by spending some time doing things that make you feel good and happy.

#5 Avoid comparing

Whether it is comparing yourself with other parents or your family with other people’s families, do not put pressure on yourself by looking at how well others are doing. The same goes for your children. Avoid comparing them with other kids because you might end up compromising your relationship with them.

#6 Be more present

When it comes to using your phone, make sure to keep it minimal especially during family time. It’s okay to have a life on social media but remember that your real life unfolds offline. Avoid texting while driving your kids to school or going online when you’re having conversations with your kids.

#7 Listen more

Some parents have a tendency to talk more and give more lectures to their kids. Listening is just as important. Create a more open communication line with your children and lend them your ears when they have something to share. This way, your relationship with your family becomes more open and collaborative.

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