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On The Radar: Christmas Food Special

Looking for some sweet or savoury food this festive season? Check out some of our top picks!

MUJI Cafe Christmas Festive Dishes
Indulge in Muji’s new, mouth-watering Christmas dishes! Start off your scrumptious meal with The Turkey Ham and Pumpkin Salad with Mustard Dressing ($2.80). Then, enjoy a tender Pan-Seared Beef Patty with tangy sundried tomatoes and sweet caramelised onion sauce ($4.80) or tuck into a spectacular seared, springy Pork Collar with Cranberry Sauce and Quinoa ($4.80). You could also opt for the nutritious and savoury Rosemary-infused Chicken Barley Stew ($4.80). Either way, these glorious dishes are bound to whet your appetite. End off on a sweet note with the Citrus Yuzu log cake, Berry Snow Field or the Purple Potato Mont Blanc ($8.40-$8.90).

Photo Credit: Muji

Toast Box Cheesy Curry Chicken Toast
This festive season, tuck into Toast Box’s delectable Cheesy Curry Chicken Toast ($4.80). The comforting flavours of this savoury treat is guaranteed to delight you and your loved ones. Flavourful curry chicken chunks and a thick, creamy layer of melted cheese lay on top of Toast Box’s signature fluffy toast, boasting the perfect balance of spicy and creamy. The tangy Roselle Plum Tea ($2.70) perfectly complements the Cheesy Curry Chicken Toast as the refreshing beverage wonderfully balances out the richness of the cheese and curry.

Photo Credit: Toast Box

CP Food x Little Miss Bento
If you happen to be hosting a Christmas gathering this year, CP Food has got you covered! Serve the delectably sweet and sour CP Crispy Chicken with Honey Lemon Sauce or spice things up with the CP Crispy Chicken with Korean Hot and Spicy Sauce or the CP Roasted Mexican Wing Stick! No family meal is truly complete without the tasty and aromatic CP Chicken Gyoza, so be sure to get some! From now til 5 Jan 2018, use the promo code CPXMAS20 to enjoy 20% off when you shop on their website!

Photo Credit: CP 

This Christmas, savour the delectable Coffee Glazed Ham ($65/kg), a mouth-watering ham perfectly infused with a rich coffee aroma and taste. Or indulge in a local twist with the yummy Laksa Roast Chicken ($55) served with pineapple pilaf rice and achar salad! Then, enjoy the enchanting A Walk in the Forest cake, made with grand cru dark chocolate mousse, lemon cream, praline bavarois, praline chocolate crispy, wonderfully layered with cocoa sponge laced with Grand Marnier. Kids would definitely enjoy sweet treats like the Snow Globe (a light vailla cream cheese mousse) and Randolf the Squirrel (an adorable squirrel made of rich chocolate).

Photo Credit: Antoinette

Awfully Chocolate Cake
Indulge in the sinfully good Awfully Chocolate Christmas Collection. End your meal on a sweet note with the Christmas Black Forest ($98) a dark chocolate cake with three layers of sweet pitted cherries laced with Kirsch, fresh cream and heavenly dark chocolate fudge. Follow tradition with the Christmas Log Cake in Full Chocolate ($72), or jazz things up with the Log Cakes in Chocolate Banana ($76) or Chocolate Rum & Cherry ($80). On top of that, the Chocolate Espresso ($108), Chocolate Peanut Butter with Caramel Brittle ($98) and the Chocolate Velvet Marquise ($88) are to-die-for.

Photo Credit: Awfully Chocolate

M&S Puddings & Biscuits
Treat yourself or your loved ones to some delicious sweet treats from Marks and Spencer. With visually stunning packaging, the spectacular range of tasty biscuits — Tea Time Collection ($35.90), Wobbly Santa Tin ($19.90), Stag Shortbread Tin ($39.90) and the Christmas Tree Tin ($25.90)— makes for great gifts. Celebrate Christmas with some traditional cakes, puddings and pies with the Golden Snowflakes Christmas Cake ($25.90), Extremely Fruity Gluten Free Christmas Pudding (from $15.90) and the Snowflake Mince Pies ($13.90). Kids will also love festive treats like the chocolaty Penguin Parade ($9.90)or the Paddington Bear Milk Chocolate Buttons ($5.90)!

Photo Credit: Marks & Spencer

Ah Mah Homemade Christmas Cake
For just $11, you can get your hands on the new delicious Christmas Matcha Cake. Freshly baked, healthy and wonderfully fluffy — this Matcha cake boasts a full-bodied taste and a lingering tea fragrance. Housed in a festive green box, this delicate cake is sure to be everyone’s cup of tea and is the perfect Christmas gift!

Photo Credit: Ah Ma Homemade Cake

Pezzo Dessert Cookie Pizza
Introducing Singapore’s first-ever cookie pizza, Pezzo’s Cookie Carols ($28.90)! Indulge in the satisfying sweet treat with a chocolate chip cookie base. Topped with premium couverture chocolate cream, as well as a sweet harmony of fresh strawberries and blueberries, silver dragées, fluffy marshmallows and Kit Kat Green Tea fingers, this scrumptious dessert pizza promises to sweeten your holiday memories. You can even receive a complimentary Kit Kat Carnival Tin Collectible with every purchase of Pezzo’s Cookie Carols!

Photo Credit: Pezzo