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On The Radar: New Home Appliances

As the year is drawing to an end, it’s time to make some upgrades in your home and possibly work on those potential new year’s resolutions. Whether you aim to spend less time on laundry or upgrade your home-cooked meals, we’ve got the lowdown on these new appliances you’ll be glad to have around the house.

The new Bosch Series 8 Ovens ($999 – $3,999), which were granted the 2015 German Design Award, features 21 new technologies that will make hosting your next dinner party a breeze. With intuitive and sophisticated sensors, a kitchen novice or even a seasoned cook will be able to serve up a lavish spread with guaranteed perfect results. Equipped with highly-sophisticated sensors including PerfectBake and PerfectRoast, the ovens will automatically make the necessary adjustments to ensure your food is done right with its 4D Hot Air technology that provides even heat distribution.

Photo credit: Bosch

The new and upgraded LG TWINWash enables two separate loads to wash and spin simultaneously by combining a full-sized front load washing machine with a mini washer in a hide-away pedestal underneath. The mini washer washes smaller or separate loads such as whites, delicates, baby wear and more. With the new technology, you can save time and utility costs when doing laundry. There are two TWINWash models, one features a front load washer and a mini washer ($2,099) and the other features a washer-dryer combo and a mini washer ($2,199), both of which feature TrueWash, TrueStream and Steam Softener technologies for an efficient wash.

Photo credit: LG

Now, you can easily integrate fruit and vegetables into your family’s diet with the Philips Avance Collection Blender ($449)! The Advanced ProBlend 6 3D blending technology, powerful 1400W motor and speed of 35,000rpm ensures that all ingredients are quickly and evenly blended, so nutrients can be easily absorbed by the body. A generously-sized 2-liter glass jar also allows you to prepare servings of soups or smoothies for the whole family and you can fill up the compact tumbler to fuel yourself on the go.

On the other hand, you can opt for the Philips Viva Collection Blender ($249), where you can blend smoothies directly in the On-the-Go tumbler for convenience and don’t have to worry about cleaning up before you dash outdoors! Vary the texture of your smoothie with the easy-grip control dial and pulse function, which lets you control the blender speed – whether you are blending soft fruits or hard vegetables.

Photo credit: Philips

It’s time to enjoy your favourite fried food without the guilt using the new Philips Daily Collection Airfryer ($299)! Featuring their Rapid Air Technology, the Airfryer circulates hot air to cook food with little or no oil, giving you crispy yet tender results. You can also grill, bake and even roast your favourite foods for tasty meals that are big on flavour and low on calories, perfect for the holidays!

Photo credit: Philips

Breathe easy with the new Philips Series 3000i Air Cleaner ($899), which automatically monitors and purifiers the air using the unique AeraSense world-class sensing technology. You can connect it to the Air Matters app and it will provide you with real-time indoor and outdoor air quality and allergen information anytime, anywhere. Clear your air of airborne allergens with the multiple settings available and in-built technology like Vitashield IPS – its aerodynamics design and extra thick NanoProtect Filter boosts clean air delivery to 393 m3/hr, effectively removing particles, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Photo credit: Philips