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Packing Essentials: Family Trips

Planning to go on a family holiday? Packing for the whole family can definitely be a headache, but besides the typical luggage-fillers like clothing, extra clothing for the kids, swimwear, footwear, sunblock or winter clothes depending on your destination, make sure you pack these essentials to make your vacation a worry-free one.

First Aid Kit
You can buy a ready-made version, or put together your own one if you find that you want more supplies that are suited to the common injuries kids tend to have.

If any of the kids have asthma, allergies or other conditions remember to bring along their inhalers and medication – make sure that they are not expired!

Hand Wipes, Mouth Wipes & Sanitisers
Wet wipes are important and you should have them in your diaper bag if you have a baby, but you also need extra hand and mouth wipes on the go to keep the mess at bay since you’ll be eating out a lot. Sanitisers also keep the germs at bay.

Bottle Brush/Cleaners, Disposable Nappy Change Liners & Disposable Bibs
In a rush to get everything to fit in your diaper and bottle bag, don’t forget these items you will definitely need on the go! These might not be easy to find everywhere you go overseas.

Ziplock Bags
These are great for when you’re outside of the hotel and the kids need a change of clothes, or if you want to pack any left over food!

What other essentials are important to you when you travel with the family?