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Packing Essentials: What to Bring When You're Going Into Labour

The day that you go into labour can get pretty hectic, so here’s a checklist of essentials to bring – you’ll want to keep it handy to expedite your packing process!

  1. Slippers
    Since you might be pacing back and forth in the hospital, you’ll want to bring a comfortable pair of slip-ons you can change into – in case you got to the hospital in a rush and the footwear you have on might not be that comfortable.
  2. Socks
    It’s common that your feet get cold during labour, so bring your own socks to make sure that you’re comfortable!
  3. Massage oil/lotion
    Your period of labour may take longer than expected, so bring along a massage oil if you’d like to be massaged by a relative or your confinement nanny.
  4. Lip balm
    It’s natural that you feel slightly dehydrated during the period of labour and your lips dry out quickly especially if you feel warm.
  5. Snacks and drinks
    Depending on your preference, you can also bring isotonic drinks or glucose tablets in case the choices at the hospital do not suit your fancy.
  6. Gadgets and books
    To help you pass the time, consider bringing some books you can read and all the devices you would need to make you feel comfortable – your phone, music players, tablets, cameras if you want to document your special day and of course, the necessary chargers!
  7. Pillows
    If you’re particular about the type of pillow you use, bring along your own if it’s convenient – the L-shaped or V-shaped pillows can really make a difference in your comfort while you go through labour.

Don’t forget to bring extra clothes for you and your baby and pack at least 3 days in advance as natural labour may happen slightly earlier than expected. Rest up and keep calm during your special day!

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