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Finding out your child is gifted comes with a mixed feeling of pride and pressure. Who doesn’t want to let the world know about their kid’s extraordinary talent? But at the same time, it is your responsibility as a parent to not let your child’s gift go to waste. Here are some ways to nurture and help your child achieve her personal best.

Develop your child’s strengths

Give your child the right platform to nurture her strength. The key is to keep immersing her in activities that will make her embrace her talent and eventually, be very good at it. It could be a special class she can participate in or a weekly workshop she can attend. These types of programs allow your child to meet other kids with the same gift as well.

Let her interact with other people

Some gifted children tend to think they’re different from everyone else. Do not isolate her from the rest of the world and allow her to interact with other kids. This will not only give your child a sense of belonging but will build up her social skills as well.

Don’t put too much pressure

Avoid setting your expectations too high because she may feel frustrated when she’s not able to meet them. Nothing is wrong with aiming for excellence, but it should not be your only goal. After all, she’s still a kid. If she fails, remind her that her failure does not make her less worthy of her talent.

Expose her to new activities and experiences

Do not limit your child’s world within the realm of her gift. If she’s gifted in Math, let her explore and discover other passions outside of it. Aside from solving Math problems, she may find painting enjoyable too! By doing this, you’re giving her the opportunity to discover more about herself.

Avoid being too competitive

Joining contests every now and then can help enhance your child’s talent. But moderation is key. Comparison is the thief of joy, they say. Do not make it a habit to measure your child’s achievements against another child’s. Focusing on competitions put too much pressure on your child and takes away the joy she gets from honing her skills.

Give her a break

Let her be a child and encourage her to do things that kids do, like playing outside and having fun. Set aside a time for enjoyment and family bonding. Allowing her to loosen up takes the pressure away and makes her more excited of what lies ahead.

Do you have a gifted child? Make sure to give her your full support and keep track of her progress.

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