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Parenting With Andie Chen And Kate Pang

What comes to mind when you think of an expecting celebrity? All poised and stylishly put-together with a pregnancy glow that emanates from within? Yes, that’s right! That’s what Kate Pang, a model-turned-actress and host is, and more – she’s down-to-earth, approachable and pleasant yet professional. Perhaps, these are the reasons why she is such a successful media personality; earning her Best Newcomer at Star Awards 2012, nominations for Best Supporting Actress (Star Awards 2012 and 2013), award for Highly Commended for Best Actress in Supporting Role by Asian Television Awards 2013 and nomination for Best Programme Host for Star Awards 2016. Amazing? Yes, we think so too because on top of all these, she is a mother of one to 21 month-old Aden and now eight-months pregnant.

Kate is married to Andie Chen, also a homegrown multi-talented celebrity who has since captured the hearts of many from th2e time he won Star Search 2007 with his impressive performance right up till today with his acting and bilingual talents. Transiting from his convincing portrayal of an opportunistic and willful son in the iconic drama The Little Nonya on-screen, he now plays the role of a father to his son Aden in real life – a new age dad who certainly packs a punch in juggling both his career and parenting duties on top of being a loving husband to his celebrity wife.

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We speak with both of them; who are definitely enjoying parenthood and using their celebrity status to share their journey and even help other parents and parents-to-be to do so on Kandie Network, the online platform they founded. We find out more what inspired them to embark on Kandie Network (Kate+Andie). 

  1. How did the concept of Kandie Network come about?

    Kate At the beginning, all I wanted to do was to share many of the parenting tips I gathered as I was doing extensive research for my pregnancy. On top of that, I have tried many strategies and I found some really effective, and I think other mums-to-be would benefit from them too. Also, as a new mum, I have transited into motherhood quite blissfully and I hope Kandie Network can help others make parenting easier as well.

    Andie On a personal level, I wanted to be able to work with my family. Other than that, I believe we have great family dynamics going on and I would love to share our experience with others and spread the joy of having a family!

  2. Are there particular parenting topics that you are exceptionally concerned about? 

    Kate I am most concerned about imparting values to children, especially now that most children are raised in dual-income family units where both parents are typically busy working and have less time with them. This worries me because caregiving is then heavily relied on having a domestic helper, nanny or even ‘electronic baby-sitter’ (electronic device). In some instances, the parent-child time is totally replaced and how would a child be able to develop into a whole person with parental care and supervision? This lack of emotional understanding and stability may lead to other issues in future. So, I really hope that parents don’t neglect these important formative years.

  3. What do you aim for Kandie to do?

    Kate I really hope for every child to have a happy and healthy childhood! What I do on Kandie Network is really small as there are only so many tips and strategies I can share. However, if I can help change the perspective of even only one family, that to me, that is great joy.

    Andie Oh, simple! I hope that with our tips, we can help create happy families where their little ones can grow up fit and strong too!

  4.  Why did you choose to include Aden in the making of Kandie Network videos? 

    Kate Frankly, it was Aden who gave us a lot of insights into things and we actually learnt a lot from him. Through our interactions with him, we see our inadequacies and learn to be better. Also, we wanted to record his growing years and we want to share with the world the joy we get from his infectious laughter and hilarious antics.

  5. How di you recover from your miscarriage in 2015?

    Kate Though I am by nature an optimist, I still regret that this happened despite knowing it’s beyond our control. So, I believe in fate and that it happened for a reason. Also, there are people with similar experience and I learn that we can support and rally each other. The miscarriage made this pregnancy even more previous – a gift! We learnt not to take things for granted and every second counts. Nothing is more important than our child(ren).

    Andie Personally, I feel like it’s our fault as we were very worn out from work. I still blame myself for causing an unhealthy pregnancy. It was really painful to see Kate go through the operation and I’m still in awe of her strength. We both made adjustments to our lifestyle after the incident. We have learnt to focus on having a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically. Understand you and your partner are in this together and both of you will come out stronger than ever.

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