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With the arrival of the lunar new year in less than a few weeks time, it is only normal to start preparing the household for Chinese New Year. Here is a list of crucial tips to keep in mind so that you won’t end up overspending during this auspicious Year of the Dog!

Clean your house – efficiently!

The number one rule in preparing for the lunar new year is to ensure that the house is spotless. When you clean your house before the new year, you are basically getting rid of bad fortune from the previous year and making room for good fortune. However, this needs to be done before the lunar eve, as you do not want to sweep away your luck for the year. Cleaning the house can be a tedious process while handling small children which is why we suggest using cleaning services like Domestic One and NTUC Income Home Services, which make pre-new year house cleaning worth every single penny spent with their extensive domestic cleaning services.

Save on your hair care

Chopping off your hair during the new year signifies chopping away your good fortune. However if you must do so or even wash your hair, consider taking the kids out to the salon way in advance. By doing this, not only are you protecting your prosperity but also you will save more money and time when scheduling your appointments a week before the new year. With services like Vaniday, you are able to compare the best prices for different salons as well as find the best location for you. 

Safety first!

It’s normal for children to play with sparklers during the lunar new year. However sparklers can be a hazard to children if not careful. In order for you to have a peaceful state of mind, always keep an emergency kit available nearby in case of burns or accidents while lighting sparklers. Most first aid kits can be found at your neighborhood pharmacy and are value worth the money with comprehensive kit comprising of different sized band-aids, various types of ointments and instructions. Also, educate kids of the dangers of being too close to fire and keep sparklers far from them till a certain age.

Think red when shopping!

During this festive season, do not forget to go red for the family’s outfits! Red represents happiness, prosperity, and positive tones. Following that it is always a great option to wear this colour when visiting relatives and friends. There are tons of shops, both offline and online offering traditional attire and Cheongsams but to avoid excessive costs – especially since children are at the stage where they are still growing – make use of shopping codes while shopping for matching red outfits this Chinese New Year!

Do not forget the ‘Angbaos’

During the new year it is exemplary practice to present ‘Angbaos’ or mini red packets filled with money to elders and children. Giving out ‘Angbaos’ represent wishing good luck and prosperity to the recipients. A smart move is to prepare a list of ‘Angbao’ recipients so you won’t miss out on any important family member. This will help you allocate the budget and sum you need to spend to reserve for each ‘Angbao’.

Alternatively, you can opt for modern ‘Angbaos’ such as WeChat’s Virtual Hong Bao which was popularly sent out during last Chinese New Year and recently Bitcoins as well as other forms of cryptocurrency. Despite the increasing popularity, bear in mind that most things are best kept according to tradition to preserve the blessings.

Last but not least, while you are celebrating with loved ones and friends don’t forget to teach the kids to wish family and friends good blessings in wealth and health. With that being said, Gong Xi Fa Cai and have a prosperous Year of the Dog!

This article was originally published on cuponation.com.sg and re-published on singaporeschild.com.sg with permission.