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Most kids get nervous about using the potty and not everyone learns to go by themselves. It’s important to make it a gradual learning process so that the kids think it’s fun and do not fear using the toilet bowl or just wearing underwear. It’s a fairly simple process that you can ease them into with these simple steps below.

Before potty training:
In the few weeks leading up to the actual first day, mention “no more pampers” and “going to the toilet like a big boy/girl”. Bring your child out to buy new underwear, pull-up diapers, a baby toilet bowl seat and cute stickers – make it a fun project for him/her! Paste a paper on the wall near the toilet bowl and use it as a potty training chart. Explain to the kids that they get to paste a sticker on the chart when they successfully go potty in the toilet bowl and if they fill each row they get a small little treat (getting their favourite candy or going to their favourite playground). Each row can require 4-5 stickers, and use the treat that is most enticing for your child.

The night prior to day 1:
Talk to your toddler about no longer using diapers. Mention how excited you are that they are growing up and remind them that starting tomorrow, there will be no more diapers!

Day 1:
From the minute your toddler wakes up, there are no more diapers. Help them get into underwear and remind them that they will no longer be using diapers. Ask them if they need to go to the toilet every 20 minutes – bring them to the toilet and make them sit on the toilet bowl. Keep asking them if they need to use the toilet.

When they successfully use the toilet bowl, get really excited for your child! Praise them and tell them how proud you are, so that they feel happy about the experience and know that they are doing the right thing. Remember to use the chart – let the kids paste their sticker on the chart so that they will want to keep playing this fun “game”. Make it more interesting by letting them put one sticker for pee and one sticker for poop.

Put on pull-up diapers for nap time and bed time. Try not to leave the house for the first two days so that they can get used to using the home toilet comfortably first. There will be a lot of instances where they don’t remember to use the toilet and have a minor accident, but instead of getting mad, just be patient and keep encouraging your child.

Day 2:
Do the same thing as day one. They should remember what it’s like to wet themselves and will definitely dislike it, so they will remember that they are not wearing diapers anymore and will ask to go to the toilet! Most kids will have a lot lesser accidents than day one.

Day 3:
If your child has learned fast since day 1, you can try to bring them out in a pull-up diaper. Remember to keep asking them every 20-30 minutes if they have to go to the toilet. Sometimes they may be shy when they are out, so be prepared for accidents but don’t give up! It will take a few weeks for them to be officially potty-trained, so you can give them a bigger treat like bringing them to their favourite restaurant once they do not have any accidents consecutively for 5 – 7 days.

Are you ready to potty train your kid? Take note of these steps and lead up slowly to it. Remember to have a lot of patience and be forgiving of their mistakes, every child takes a different amount of time to get used to it. Also, some kids do not like the idea of the little kid’s plastic potty (which most of us are used to), so using a child’s seat for your toilet bowl is better, it makes them feel more grown up because they are using the same toilet bowl as mommy and daddy!

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