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Raising your child in an eco-friendly environment benefits not just our planet, but also helps to groom your child to appreciate what’s around them. Here are some practical ways for your family to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle and household.

Conserve energy and water

Encourage every member of the household to shut off and/or power down appliances when not in use. Think turning off the lights when not in use, shutting off the TV and other gadgets when nobody is using them, or using water sparingly when showering or doing the dishes. These habits will also help to reduce your household utility bills—it’s a win-win situation!

Reduce electronic waste

An often neglected aspect, reducing electronic waste applies to everything from recycling used and unwanted gadgets to using rechargeable batteries for toys and gadgets. Take inventory of your household electronics and find ways to curb excessive wastage.

Pass it on

Going on a decluttering streak? Resist the urge to throw everything away. Instead, put aside unwanted clothing, books, and toys for donation to local charities—these items will be put to better use helping less fortunate families. Give the kiddos the opportunity to understand these concepts by getting them involved in sorting through the items and dropping them off.

Recycle, recycle, recycle

Implementing a simple recycling system will be helpful for families stepping towards a zero-waste household. For starters, encourage the habit of sorting through waste materials into paper, plastic, metal, and glass before dropping them into respective recycle bins and for pick-up points. Similarly, sort out electronic waste and drop them off at designated recycling points.

Be conscious of your purchases

Part of going green stems from being conscious of what you purchase. Apart from only buying items that you really need—this applies to toys, clothes and gadgets! — you can reduce plastic waste by purchasing products with less plastic packaging. Or at the very least, avoid using disposables such as takeaway cutlery and containers.

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