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Are you a pregnant woman who’s struggling with increased appetite? Your cravings may always tempt you and make you feel like you’re never full. You’re not the only one. This deceptive feeling is caused by the increased levels of progesterone as well as the growing foetus inside your body, which requires adequate nutrition and nourishment.

Increased feeling of hunger during pregnancy is normal, especially during the second trimester, so there’s no need to panic. Whet your appetite with these tricks while still getting the right nutrients for you and your baby.

Always hydrate

Pregnancy requires that you stay hydrated all the time. Sometimes, you may feel hungry but you’re actually just in need of some liquids. Pregnant women are encouraged to increase their fluid intake from the normal 8 glasses per day to two to four more glasses, especially when the weather’s hotter than usual. Stay away from carbonated beverages such as soda. Not only do they spike up your sugar, they also spike up your appetite. 

Opt for healthy snacks

Yes, you won’t prevent yourself from eating especially if your cravings are getting stronger. Keeping healthy snacks at bay may just be able to help you choose food better—from fruits and granola to almonds and berries. This way, you’ll skip junk food that is not healthy for you and your baby at all.

Eat smaller meals more frequently

One trick you can try is to ensure that you’re eating smaller amounts of food more frequently. Try to keep the intervals uniform throughout the day and stick to more nutritious food choices. When you do this, you’re programming your body and your mind to look forward to a certain amount of food at a certain time, allowing yourself to get used to this meal pattern. Just make sure not to skip meals to avoid hunger pangs.

Keep a balanced diet

Give your pregnant body the nutrients and minerals it needs in order to sustain the growing life inside it while also keeping you healthy and strong. These include protein, a good amount of carbohydrates, healthy fats, calcium, and iron among others. Stick to food that provide these essentials and keep your calorie count in check. Having a balanced diet prevents you from overindulging on food that spikes up your appetite, leading to weight gain.

Eat slowly

Eating slowly allows you to digest your food better. On the other hand, eating quickly causes poor digestion and as well as less satisfaction when you eat. To do this technique, focus while eating, avoid distractions such as watching TV, break your food into smaller pieces, or eat on a smaller plate.

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