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Pregnancy can be tough, especially for working women. You aren’t just exposed to what could be a possibly long drive home, but you also have more tendency to get exhausted. One study revealed that commuting may have adverse effects on mums-to-be and unborn babies.

Let’s mitigate the risk with these simple tips.

Always bring healthy snacks

The last thing you want while braving the heavy traffic is to get hungry. By bringing healthy snacks like fruits or oats for example, you’re reducing your risk of nausea, vomiting, or headache due to hunger. Pregnant women also tend to be hungry more often or crave a lot so make sure to bring the kind of (healthy) food you‘ve taken a liking to. 

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes 

Avoid wearing heels to support your growing weight. As much as possible, wear trainers or slip-ons so your feet are more comfortable. When it comes to clothes, wear loose fitting clothes like dresses or maternity jeans so you can move easily.  

Try not to bring a lot of stuff 

If you’re pregnant and commuting, make sure that you only have a small or light bag to carry. This way, you won’t have a hard time guarding and carrying it as you commute from one point to another. You also don’t want the burden of having to carry a growing baby bump and a heavy bag at the same time. 

Go for the most convenient means of transportation

Do you have an option to travel via train instead of the bus? Or can you carpool instead? Consider different modes of transportation and choose which one is most convenient for you. Some considerations include the number of times you have to change vehicles, travel time, distance, and the route.

Hydrate regularly

Never forget to bring water with you. Hydration is very important if you want to keep feeling fresh, full, and energised.

Arrange for a more flexible schedule

Some employers may be more considerate with pregnant women. Check with your human resources department if the company extends a more flexible schedule to pregnant employees like you. Aside from adjusting your work schedule, perhaps they can also allow you to work at home on certain days. This will be most helpful if your daily commute takes a toll on your health and pregnancy. 

Take advantage of dedicated seats for pregnant women 

One of the benefits of being pregnant is that you get to be prioritised—whether on the line or on seats in public transportation. Make sure to ask for the seats dedicated for pregnant women. It’s your right, after all.

Help people know you are pregnant

SHOUT introduced Project Kind, a bracelet that expecting mums can wear to identify themselves and give people an idea that they are pregnant. The project is inspired by SHOUT Creative Director Umehara Ken’s experience riding on a train where he encountered a woman who he wasn’t certain was pregnant. He also couldn’t ask her directly for fear of being offensive. By wearing the bracelet, people can easily offer you a seat or let you go first in a long queue.

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