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While there have been stigma surrounding neighbourhood primary schools that they’re not as good as their more prestigious counterparts when it comes to a child’s academic achievements, recent years have proved that the two are of almost the same calibre. Neighbourhood primary schools are not only conveniently located near your homes, but also adept at producing all-rounded students. To prep you for the decision-making process, we compiled a list of schools sorted according to the four zones, and some of the niche programmes they offer.

South Zone

Balestier Hill Primary School

Balestier Hill Primary School

Image Credit: Balestier Hill Primary School

Address: 565 Balestier Road, Singapore 329927
Contact: 6353 9451,

Robotic Enrichment Programme
Hoping to provide its students with opportunities to be involved in creative problem solving and collaborative teamwork, Balestier Hill Primary School offers basic and intermediate levels of Robotics through hands-on robots building and programming. The programme will also allow students to develop key 21st century competencies and skills such creativity, teamwork and problem solving, and help to improve their logical & sequential thinking skills.

Jing Shan Primary School

Image Credit: Jing Shan Primary School

Image Credit: Jing Shan Primary School

Address: 5 Ang Mo Kio Street 52, Singapore 569228
Contact: 6456 6305,

Pottery and Visual Arts
Wanting to expose its students to more than just the finished art product, Jing Shan Primary School’s art programme aims to develop literacy in visual arts and pottery skills, critical and creative thinking sills, as well as to build students’ social and emotional competencies. Through this creative initiative, students can get in touch with their imaginative sides and foster a sense of literacy in pottery and visual arts. These tie in with the school’s character and citizenship education to provide authentic learning experiences in values education.

East Zone

Opera Estate Primary School

Image Credit: Opera Estate Primary School

Image Credit: Opera Estate Primary School

Address: 48 Fidelio Street, Singapore 458436
Contact: 6241 0417,

Ignite D’Arts
An aesthetics programme that introduces and allows students to have a deeper understanding into the fascinating world of art and music, Opera Estate Primary School has a comprehensively designed programme that brings daily life routines and values education into the teaching of Arts and Music. During their six years of education, students will be exposed to the following domains: Learn (exposure to fundamental skills and concepts in the subject), Explore (appreciation of the subject through external learning journeys), Collaborative (application of skills learnt in the subject through inter-disciplinary projects) and fun (celebration of students’ work through exhibitions and performances at school events).

Junyuan Primary School

Image Credit: Junyuan Primary School

Image Credit: Junyuan Primary School

Address: 2 Tampines Street 91, Singapore 528906
Contact: 6783 0375,

With 3 air-conditioned computer laboratories that’s equipped with 40 Pentium-based computers and a colour laser printer each, students from Junyuan Primary School are provided with the necessary resources to complete their multimedia projects and are also encouraged to engage in independent learning as they conduct research on their own. Additionally, the school has also set up their very own Studio 91, which allows their pupils to try their hand at radio broadcasting. 

West Zone

Zhenghua Primary School

Zhenghua Primary School

Image Credit: Zhenghua Primary School

Address: 9 Fajar Road, Singapore 679002
Contact: 6769 7478,

Dance Arts Education
Making a concerted effort to instil a strong sense of national pride as well as to emphasise the importance of accepting the different cultures around the world, Zhenghua Primary School’s DArE programme exposes its students to dances of the 3 main ethnic groups in Singapore along with other international dances. A customised dance arts programme, students are taught the fundamentals of dance, the different ways to create dance movements in accordance to music, and they will also get to try their hand at choreographing their own dance routines!

Teck Whye Primary School

Teck Whye Primary School

Image Credit: Teck Whye Primary School

Address: 11 Teck Whye Walk, Singapore 688261
Contact: 6769 1025,

Media Whiz Kids!
Hoping to nurture students who can not only interact well face to face but who also know how to use media effectively, Teck Whye Primary School’s distinctive media programme teaches students how to be responsible, tech-savvy individuals who communicate effectively and responsibly through digital means; while also developing their critical reading, viewing and thinking skills.

North Zone

Fernvale Primary School

Fernvale Primary School

Image Credit: Fernvale Primary School

Address: 1 Fernvale Lane, Singapore 797701
Contact: 6315 3051,

Greenova Programme
Acknowledging the importance of protecting our environment, Fernvale Primary School uses the EXCEL (Educate, eXperience, Care, Engage, Lead) framework to nurture innovative, responsible, young environmentalists who truly love and care for the environment. Students will also be able to brainstorm and share ideas on how to advocate for the environment within the school and the community. 

Si Ling Primary School

Si Ling Primary School

Image Credit: Si Ling Primary School

Address: 61 Woodlands Avenue 1, Singapore 739067
Contact: 6269 8832,

Cyberwellness Lessons
With our kids getting a high and constant exposure to the Internet on a daily basis, Si Ling Primary School has come up with a cyberwellness programme that aims to equip students with life-long social-emotional competencies and sound values so that they can become safe, respectful and responsible users online. Additionally, to continually promote media literacy awareness, bite-sized information of cyberwellness topics (like Internet Never Forgets, Smartphone and Kids, Internet Addiction etc.) are also discussed at a whole-school level fortnightly. 

Adapted from a story originally published in “Schools at the Heartland”, written for Singapore’s Child June 2014.

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