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As your child takes on the first day of the PSLE, the amount of pressure that everyone feels is bound to become more intense. Adopt these simple methods of handling stress while they go through this crucial examination period!

Minimising Pressure
Students usually have a stressful start to the year, so it’s important to note that adding more pressure while they are going for the exams is not going to help. Instead of stressing them out by making comparisons with others’ results and telling them what score they have to achieve, aid them in their revision process and remind them to take breaks when necessary.

Handling Tantrums
Since it’s a stressful period, children are bound to be triggered into a breakdown or tantrum. Sometimes, it could be due to their fluctuating hormones and parents are encouraged take a step back before trying to calm your child instead of aggravating the situation. Although parents can’t help but feel stressed out too, try not to be flustered and let them have their moment, they will soon calm down and get back to studying after a break.

Comforting Words
Your child is mature enough to know that they need to do their best in order to choose the secondary school of their choice, so they would want to do well and should already have a target score in mind. As a parent, it’s normal to feel anxious on whether your child can hit their targets, however during the stressful examination period it’s best to remind them that results are not everything. This way, your child is less likely to have their feelings neglected due to too much emphasis on the importance of going to a good school.

Preparing Early
If you have been keeping tabs on ways to revise last minute, or more commonly have been making sure your child has been preparing for the examinations relentlessly, then your child is most likely ready for the examinations. In order to make sure each examination day goes smoothly, make sure your child packs his or her bag early on the day before each examination day. Make sure they complete a basic checklist including: stationery, calculators and other accessories where necessary, water bottle, etc.

Adding A Placebo
Some children might not be able to handle the heavy stress of PSLE, so asking them to take a placebo, like an edible treat that they would tend to like, perhaps vitamin gummies or chicken essence, and telling them that it will help them to relax and do well in the examinations could actually make a huge difference in their mindset before sitting for each paper.

What are your preferred methods of handling stress during examination periods? Share them with us in the comments below!

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