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QUIZ: Which SKY Castle Parent Are You?

By now, you’d probably have heard of the incredibly popular Korean drama SKY Castle, which has scored one of the highest ratings in network history since its debut in late 2018. Inspired by the education system in Korea, the drama centres around four ambitious high-class families who go to extreme lengths for their children to succeed. While the storyline may have been exaggerated to fit the identity of a drama, it isn’t difficult to relate to these parents who share the same anxiety and hopes you have for your own child.

As a fun little activity to see which parent you share similar traits with, have a go at our SKY Castle Parent quiz below and see who’s your match!

1. What do you think is more important for your child?

A. Getting into an elite university
B. Succeeding in life
C. Happiness in what he does
D. Getting decent grades

2. If your child’s teacher comes to you with worrying feedback about his progress in school, how will you react?

A. That will never happen, my child is always at the top of her game
B. I’ll be ensuring that he finishes extra hours of revision every night under my strict supervision
C. I will talk to him and find out what’s troubling him to see if there is any way I can help
D. He will be saying good bye to his entertainment privileges until he learns to be responsible for his school work

3. Does your child’s class ranking matter to you?

A. Yes, although my child will be more concerned than me
B. Yes, anywhere below number one is unacceptable
C. No, as long as he is doing well enough for himself, it shouldn’t matter where he ranks
D. As long as he is in the top half of the class, it’s fine by me

4. What will you do if your child comes to you with results that did not meet your expectations?

A. I won’t have to say anything because my child will know what to do when he doesn’t meet his own expectations
B. More study time with me where we tackle harder questions
C. I’ll offer moral support and encouragement
D. I’ll be filling his schedule with more tuition

5. How will you feel if your child cuts school or misses a tuition class intentionally?

A. My child values his education as much as I do so this wouldn’t be a problem 
B. I will feel disrespected because he is not valuing his future
C. I will feel that something is bothering him and I would try to find an opportunity to speak to him
D. My child wouldn’t dare to do such a thing because he will be afraid to get in trouble with me

6. Will you be supportive of your child pursuing his dream?

A. Yes, because we’ve already decided what his dream should be
B. No, my child is only allowed to pursue a dream that has good prospects such as a lawyer or a doctor
C. Yes, it is his life and as long as he is happy, he has my full support
D. I will be supportive as long as it is not an unrealistic dream or career

7. Your child tells you that he is feeling very stressed out at school. How do you help out?

A. You let him do whatever he wants to relieve his stress, even if it means committing petty theft
B. You tell him that stress is part of the process in securing a brighter future and coax him to study harder
C. You prepare snacks for him to ensure he takes breaks in between his studies
D. You create a schedule for him to follow, which consists of a somewhat fair amount of study and rest

8. If your child’s classmate accuses him of cheating during a test, how will you handle the situation?

A. I will speak with the principal to ensure such rumours get dealt with
B. I will speak to my child and explain to him how such an embarrassing accusation can harm his prospects
C. I will speak to my child to find out if it is really the truth; if he is guilty, I will get my child to apologise and retake the test
D. I will deny the accusation but punish my child so that he understands the consequences of cheating

9. How far will you go to ensure your child gets only the best form of education?

A. I will do anything in my power to make sure my child comes out on top
B. As far as whatever is legal
C. I will provide assistance whenever and wherever my child needs me
D. I will tap on information from other parents to give my child a head start

10. Will you ever consider hiring an education coordinator to handle your child’s path to university?

A. Most definitely, anything to help my child get what we both want
B. If it helps, why not?
C. No, my child is capable of handling his own studies and he doesn’t need the extra stress from another adult
D. Yes, but only if the education coordinator came highly recommended

If you are:

Mostly As


You are just like Han Seo Jin (Yum Jung Ah), who is a mother to two girls. You are greatly concerned with the education for your children which might come off a little obsessive. Your ambitious personality, though good for motivation, feels more like pressure for your children to do well especially when you are solely focused in helping them achieve the goal you’ve set out for them. You also have a tendency to occupy your child’s time with nothing but studies, which might have an adverse effect on their interpersonal skills.

Mostly Bs


You are similar to Cha Min Hyuk (Kim Byung Chul), who is a father of three. Uou have a very high regard for education, which makes you a very ambitious individual. You may have a bit of a temper but that only occurs when your children are not studying hard enough, or to your expectations. As such, you often help them out with their studies by challenging them to solve hard homework problems as a way to have them excel better in school.

Mostly Cs


You share almost identical traits to No Seung Hye (Yoon Se Ah) and Lee Soo Im (Lee Tae Ran), who view their children’s overall wellbeing as their top priority. Despite knowing that education is important, they don’t see the point in adding extra pressure on their children especially when they are already feeling it in school. Compared to the other parents in SKY Castle, they are the loving cheerleaders who offer moral support and comfort whenever their children need them.

Mostly Ds


You share almost the same traits as Jin Jin Hee (Oh Na Ra). It means that you are likely to be stuck in the middle of obsessing over your child’s education and worrying about their growth as a child. You may not be very ambitious but you are definitely someone who does not wish for your child to be left behind on the road to success. As such, you often try and use your own way of motivating your child, while gaining additional insight from other mothers on suitable external support for your child’s education.

All episodes of SKY Castle are available for streaming on Viu.