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As your child heads into the next chapter of his life, it is important to equip him with the basic foundation to ensure he doesn’t get too overwhelmed on the first day of school. To help you with your search, here’s a list of nine primary one preparation courses you can consider. 

Heguru Education Centre: Heguru Preschool Course (5 to 6 years old)

An effective and proven training and brain development programme, the Heguru method has undergone extensive research to perfect a curriculum that underscores imaginative exploration and critical thinking in a fun-filled learning environment. In this course, your child will learn to continue developing his right brain abilities, as well as his left brain, that will better hone numeracy, logical, analytical thinking, and communication skills. This creates an important foundation, which will better benefit your child when he starts primary one.

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The Learning Lab: Kindergarten 2 Math

This programme prepares your child for the first day of school by laying a strong foundation in number concepts and all mathematical topics covered in Primary One. He will learn to master new topics such as introduction to multiplication and division as well as continue to build understanding of the topics of whole numbers, fractions, money, measurement, geometry, and data analysis.

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Mindstretcher: P1 English and Mathematics Preparatory

Designed to bridge the gap between the learning culture of Kindergarten and Primary One, the structured coursework ensures that your child undergoes gradual exposure to the demands of the Primary One and Two curriculum for English and Mathematics. It will also provide young learners a significant head start and solid foundation in their primary school education.

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British Council Singapore: Kindergarten 2

This course helps enhance your child’s literacy as he develops his comprehension skills through story-related activities, which will help him construct simple paragraphs. In addition, students will take weekly spelling tests which cover the course content and irregular spellings.

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The Write Connection: P1 Preparatory

Aimed at equipping children with a firm English foundation before they start Primary One, this lively enrichment program will cover the basics of English such as writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar through hands-on activities. 

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Smart Science Lab: Junior Science for K1 and K2

This specialised programme offers your child an early plunge into the world of science as it allows younger learners to develop knowledge of the fundamentals of science. Packed with fun and practical activities that will enhance their creativity, you will see your little one cultivate a great interest in learning and all ready for his first day of school.

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Berries World of Learning School: K2 – P1 Chinese Preparatory

Learning a second language in school can be quite challenging so it would be good to give your child an immersion before he begins Primary One. In this programme, your child will be introduced to full passages, which would strengthen his reading ability as well as develop his analytical and oral skills. After each lesson, he will also be given take home exercises to reinforce classroom learning at home.

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JustEdu: Primary One Preparatory Class (2-in-1 Math & English)

The adjustment to the new primary school life can be pretty daunting. This course will help your child make the transition a smooth one as it gives him an overview of the primary school curriculum for Math and English. It will also help hone his interpersonal and time management skills which are beneficial for the new stage of his life.

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Early Math Matters: Primary One Preparation Programme

Specially designed to ease primary school transitions, the holistic curriculum not only comprises all the topics your child would need to know to excel in primary Math, it also extends to include enhancements to his critical and inventive thinking processes. The purposeful play lessons encourage experiential learning through hands-on activities such as the Virtual Reality technology, which allows children to experience math concepts in a virtual world.

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