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Red From 'Angry Birds' Tackles Climate Change

Red, the starring animated character voiced by US star Jason Sudeikis in the upcoming “The Angry Birds Movie,” was named Honorary Ambassador for Green on the International Day of Happiness at the United Nations.

angry birds-international-day-of-happiness

The appointment of Red is part of the #AngryBirdsHappyPlanet campaign to help the world body promote the International Day of Happiness, which is observed on March 20 each year, and encourage people to take action against climate change and its impacts.

The International Day of Happiness recognises that Gross Domestic Product alone cannot measure the wealth and well‐being of a country’s population and a more inclusive, equitable, balanced and sustainable approach to growth and development is key to being happy.

“The Angry Birds have entertained millions of people around the world ‐‐ and now they are part of making the world a better place,” said UN Secretary‐General Ban Ki‐moon.

Want to teach your children more about climate change and why it’s important to care for our planet? Inspire them by showing them this video by the loved Angry Birds below!

For more information, check out www.angrybirdshappyplanet.net