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Regain Your Workplace Confidence With Wendy Shen

Upon her graduation in 1996, Wendy started working as a junior secretary, progressively advancing to becoming an office manager. Through her working experience, she acquired vast knowledge in secretarial skills, basic bookkeeping and human resource management. Wendy reveals, “I am a multi-tasker who has a positive attitude and a sincere desire to do my best. But I later left my position to help my husband in his business and eventually became a full-time homemaker to look after our young daughter.” 

Fuelled by her passion in writing, she spent her free time documenting and sharing her adventures and discoveries when her daughter was in upper primary. In 2013, she partnered with two of her girlfriends – Rachel and Rella – to start RxR, a portal that celebrates the potential in all women. Needless to say Wendy represents ‘X’, the X-factor on this portal that also represents each and every woman’s inner beauty and grace. This blog is refreshingly down-to-earth and authentic in every sense of the word where Wendy would blog about the things that makes her happy – beautiful places, fashion, products, events, cuisine and travel without any fluff. Most of all, it is about encouraging the creativity of others and becoming a support pillar especially for mummies and women re-entering the workplace as she often shares her practical tips for work, family, beauty and fashion at

  1. How do you cope as a working mother?
    I use my mum as my yardstick and my inspiration. She is my role model from young as I see her juggle being a career woman, a mother, a wife and a daughter. I never once hear her grumble or lament that she’s tired. After work, she would come home to have dinner with is, do homework with us and tuck us to bed before doing household chores and continue with work if any. Thinking of her sacrifices makes me preserve on and when the going gets tough, I let off steam by writing.
  2. What keeps you motivated?
    Seeing the smile on my daughter’s smile when am home makes everything worth it. Receiving positive feedback from my readers (comprising stay-at-home-mums, divorcees, and women who like to learn how to dress) telling me how much I have inspired them to dress up. Also, being able to share from my experience on how to keep the sparks alive between partners and how to form a bond with their children/partner keeps me going. 
  3.  What do you hope for your children?
    I only want her to be happy, healthy always. I don’t expect her to be a genius or a straight A’s student as Long as she passes her exams and gets to the next level
  4. What do you hope for your children?
    I only want her to be happy, healthy always. I don’t expect her to be a genius or a straight A’s student as Long as she passes her exams and gets to the next level. 
  5. What is the most challenging aspect of parenting?
    Time, the lack of it! We need more then 24 hours a day! 
  6. What is your advice to mums who wants to go back to work after not having done so for a while? 
    Don’t be afraid take one step at a time, it’s tough at the beginning but nothing is impossible when you put your heart and soul to it!
  7. Do you have any parenting or personal mantra? 
    You not only need to find time for your children, you shouldn’t neglect your husband. Keep the sparks alive with date nights occasionally and relive your courtship days. Most importantly, have some me-time. Personal time is equally important and you shouldn’t lose yourself after you becoming a parent.