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Say Hello to SG50 Baby Giraffe, Jubilee!

Singapore Zoo proudly welcomed its first giraffe calf in 28 years on 31 August last year. At a statuesque 1.9 metres, Jubilee is the tallest SG50 baby, and is a symbol of Singapore soaring to new heights in the years following its Jubilee celebration.


The calf is the first offspring of both mum Roni and dad Growie, which arrived in Singapore Zoo in 2005, from Israel and the Netherlands respectively. The unnamed calf has since grown 40cm, and now stands at 2.3 metres. During the calf’s first month, zookeepers kept them separated from the rest of the giraffe herd to allow mother and baby to bond, and to ensure the calf was nursing properly. Aside from the mother’s milk, the calf can now be seen nibbling on leaves and chopped vegetables such as carrots. He now spends his days exploring and running around in the exhibit at the Zoo’s Wild Africa zone. While he’s starting to get used to passing trams and visitors, he will still race back to the safety of mum’s towering presence when faced with something unfamiliar.


Adopted by GROW growing-up milk from Abbott Laboratories, those visiting Singapore Zoo are encouraged to take photos of the new addition and upload them with the hashtag #sg50babygiraffe. Check out the video of Jubilee in action below:

Check out Jubilee’s development at http://www.zoo.com.sg/sg50babygiraffe.