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SC Babies & Kids Awards 2018: Best Baby Nasal Spray

Many parents don’t think about how to blow a baby’s nose till their little one catches a cold, but you shouldn’t wait till this miserable milestone is reached to be prepared. Especially since it’s common for babies below six months to have blocked noses from normal mucus build up, which is difficult for the baby to clear on its own. Children also get colds more frequently as their immune systems are still developing.

Although having a blocked or runny nose usually isn’t cause for concern, it can bring much discomfort to your little one. And it might interfere with feeding and sleeping if baby can’t breathe well through its nose. The Stérimar Baby Nasal Hygiene is a highly effective method to help clear up baby’s airways!


100% Natural Solution

The Stérimar Baby is a natural isotonic-filtered seawater solution that has absolutely no preservatives or additives. This makes it safe for use on newborns and children up to three years of age.

Specially Designed Nozzle

The Stérimar Baby features a low-pressure, multi-angle aerosol container that dispenses solution with precise accuracy. Parents who’ve tried nasal drops or aspirators on their active child will appreciate how effortless it is – a single pump is all it takes! 

This handy nasal spray can be used for as long as required, up to six times a day or as directed by your doctor. Apart from helping to clear congested airways, Stérimar Baby can be used for daily cleansing to prevent and reduce the risk of nasal secretions getting to the back of the throat, potentially causing ear, nose or throat problems.

Product: Stérimar Baby Nasal Hygiene
Available at: Selected clinics and retail pharmacies