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SC Babies & Kids Awards 2018: Best Baby Pillow For Flat Head Syndrome

Flat head syndrome or Positional Plagiocephaly is a common condition in newborns where one side of the baby’s head becomes flattened or asymmetrical due to prolonged pressure. This mostly occurs when infants spend extended periods of time on their backs, which presses their soft and still malleable heads against a surface. Positional Plagiocephaly can also be caused during vaginal delivery, due to restriction pressure from the birthing canal.

46.6% of babies will have flat head syndrome due to positional sleeping. These deformities can cause cosmetic problems in the face and head. In worst case scenarios, flat head syndrome might harm motor and cognitive skills or brain development. In severe cases, newborns might be recommended expensive baby head helmets to be worn for at least three months. Thus, it’s unsurprising that many parents opt for baby pillows to help prevent and correct Positional Plagiocephaly – they help to relieve pressure on the baby’s skull and neck muscles, and allows the head to move naturally to reduce the chances of developing flat head syndrome. For parents looking to use baby pillows, Mimos Pillow is a premium choice.


Designed in consultation with doctors, physiotherapists and neurosurgeons to help support and redistribute pressure on baby’s head, the Mimos Pillow is a tri-dimensional pillow that adapts to any head shape. The pillow increases the contact area beneath the head, reducing the pressure by up to four times. Babies are allowed 180 degrees of free head and neck movement, which will help to develop symmetrical neck muscles. This makes it very effective in preventing flat head syndrome. 

Because babies are not ‘one size fits all’, Mimos Pillow come in four different sizes to suit your baby’s neck length and head size at every stage of growth. All the better to support baby with! Mimos Pillow is a Certified Medical Device Class I in Europe, and is tested for fire safety (total absence of flame retardants) according to BS5852 and ISO12952. It has also undergone a CO2 breathing test – the pillow does not pose a significant hazard for carbon dioxide. The pillow is made out of 100% breathable 3D spacer fabric, and it has TUV certification for air breathability and safe air flow. It is tested in Bureau Veritas for suffocation test and shows no risk of suffocation. This means that babies will not be smothered by the pillow even if they accidentally roll over. 

Coupling the usage of Mimos Pillow and other early prevention measures such as “tummy time” – where the baby is laid prone during waking hours and play time – parents will see effective improvement in flat head syndrome!  

Product: Mimos Pillow
Price: From $135 onwards, pillow covers retail at $21 each
Available at: www.mimosbabypillow.com, Mother’s Work and Thomson Medical ParentCraft, The Rehab Practice and Orthopaedia