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SC Babies & Kids Awards 2018: Best Multi-functional Baby Feeding System

Whether it’s leaving your little one’s side after maternity leave runs out, or having a tough time building up your milk supply, expressing milk is an inevitable stage most breastfeeding mums experience. And yet, there are many little hassles that come with expressing milk that busy mothers shouldn’t have to deal with ­– the storage and sterilisation of milk bottles alone are a nightmare!

Enter the Hegen PCTO™ PPSU Range. Specially designed with the Press-To-Close, Twist-To Open (PCTO™) innovation, mums can seamlessly express, store and feed their little one, all within a single Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) container. And with its revolutionary no screw thread design, converting the pumping container into a feeding bottle or storage container can be done singlehandedly in five seconds or less. Simply press on or twist off! These triple-duty troopers eliminate the need to transfer milk between bottles and reduces potential spillage. How’s that for a fuss-free nursing experience?


Hegen PCTO™ Manual Breast Pump

Lightweight and ergonomically shaped for easy and comfortable expressing, busy mamas can easily store this manual breast pump for expressing on-the-go. For mothers who alternate between breast pumps, the bottle can be used with most pumps, with either a Hegen PCTO™ wide neck or standard neck adapter.

Hegen PCTO™ Feeding Bottle

To ease the process of combining breast with bottle-feeding, Hegen’s elliptical-shaped and ultra-soft silicone teat mimics the asymmetry and off-centred form of a mother’s natural breast, minimising nipple confusion. Unlike traditional baby bottles,  babies are able to adopt a natural, upright feeding position similar to feeding from the breast. The minimised tilt reduces the risk of milk back-flow that might cause mid-ear complications. Additionally, there is a built-in anti-colic air vent system that reduces unwanted air intake and minimises the oxidation of precious nutrients.


Hegen PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage System

Not only is the Hegen PCTO™ bottle ergonomically shaped for babies’ little hands with a ‘soft square’ design, each bottle has snap-on interconnecting storage lids and is stackable to optimise storage space. What’s more, its wide bottle opening, smooth interior and minimal parts help make cleaning an absolute breeze!


Hegen’s PCTO™ PPSU Range is made of FDA compliant food-contact grade and NSF certified medical grade material. Free of BPA, BPS, PVC and Phthalates, the amber-hued containers are built to last with high temperature resistance and superior toughness.

Product: Hegen PCTO™ PPSU Express-Store-Feed Range
Price: $136 for the Hegen PCTO™ Complete Starter Kit PPSU
Available at: www.hegen.com