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SC Babies & Kids Awards 2018: Best Organic Skin Care Range For Infants

An increasing number of parents are opting for organic baby skincare, but navigating away from chemical laden products can be tricky.

Why choose organic baby products?

It is common knowledge that babies have yet to build up strong immune systems, rendering them less adept at eliminating toxins. The same goes for their skin; being 20% to 30% thinner than adults, babies’ skin has not developed protective barriers. Any product applied onto their delicate and highly permeable skin is absorbed even more quickly into their bloodstream – along with all the potentially harmful chemicals in its formula. Risks include the development of allergies and chemical sensitivities amongst other illnesses.

Therefore, it is essential to minimise babies’ contact with harmful chemicals and choose formulas that not only contain fewer additives, but also include only organic and natural ingredients.

Identifying organic products

Start paying attention to the ingredient list on baby skincare products. Ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonia and mineral oils (just to name a few), are common ingredients to watch out for. Additionally, many products claiming to have ingredients “derived from organic or natural sources” may still have been processed with synthetic preservatives. As a rule of thumb, look for the “certified organic” labelling to ensure you’re getting a product free of adverse chemicals.



 Introducing Cherub Rubs

The brainchild of Keeli Cambourne, an Australian naturopath and mother of three, Cherub Rubs is a certified organic skin range safe for newborns, pregnant mums and those with troubled or sensitive skin. Fun fact: Keeli was driven to create Cherub Rubs’ first product, the Cherub Rubs Skin Balm, after her second child developed severe diaper rash from an allergic reaction.

Parents seeking organic and natural products for their child can safely reach for Cherub Rub’s range of sensitive skin solutions. Its formulas do not contain:

  • Synthetic or genetically modified ingredients
  • Petrochemicals such as petroleum or mineral oil
  • Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Chemical Fertilisers
  • Chemical Preservatives such as parabens, PEGs and formaldehyde
  • Artificial colouring and fragrance
  • Steroids

Logo for cherub Rubs

Certified organic by Organic Food Chain, and toxic-free by Safe Cosmetics Australia, the brand carries all-natural skincare products to pamper your little one. Popular products include the Cherub Rubs Nourishing Trio, which comprises of The Baby Safe Hair & Body Wash, Skin Soothe to help alleviate itchy skin, and Skin Balm, which moisturises dry and cracked skin. These skincare troopers are highly effective in soothing eczema or irritated skin.

Additionally, Cherub Rubs also ensures safe and effective skin protection throughout outdoor activities with a dynamic range of repellents and sunscreen.

Product: Cherub Rubs Organic Baby Skincare
Price: From $21.40 onwards
Available at: Kiddy Palace, OG, major hospitals and pharmacies, selected paediatric and obstetric clinics
Website: cherubrubs.com.sg