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SC Babies & Kids Awards 2018: Best Winged Swaddle For Babies

An age-old technique practiced by generations of sleep-deprived parents, swaddling is the art of snugly wrapping a blanket around an infant (very much like wrapping a burrito) to mimic the security of a mother’s womb. Done correctly, swaddling will help to soothe and comfort fussy babies, and improve night-time sleep. Swaddling will also help newborns sleep through the Moro reflex, where the baby experiences sensations of free-falling – a natural infantile response to a sudden loss of support.


There are many swaddle options to choose from. But especially for new parents who are unsure if they can swaddle their baby safely (and quickly) like how the nurses at the hospital did, the Swaddle UP is an absolute game changer that gives you the perfect, fuss-free swaddle in 13 seconds. Simply tuck bubba in and zip up!

Unlike traditional swaddles that cocoon the baby in layers of fabric, Swaddle UP is certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and will keep baby snug and comfy without constricting movement. Its innovative patented wing design allows newborns to sleep in a natural, arms up position with allows for self-soothing – babies often lull themselves to sleep with comforting movements such as gently rubbing their cheeks or sucking on their fingers.


Most parents face the dilemma of waking a fussy baby up at night to change their diaper or risk diaper rash by not doing so. Harnessing a twin zipper function, Swaddle UP gives parents easy access to pull off diaper changes without rousing the little one. This means more sleep for baby and the entire family!

Product: Swaddle UP 
Price: $49.90 onwards 
Available at: Mothercare, Pupsik Studio, Mother and Child Centre, Thomson Medical Centre Parentcraft, Mount Elizabeth Parentcraft, OG Stores and bambino.com.sg
Website: www.lovetodream.com.sg