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SC Babies & Kids Awards' 2019: Best Natural And Organic Relief For Eczema

It can almost hurt physically to find out your child has eczema. This incurable condition makes skin cracked, dry, itchy and red. Young ones may not be able to refrain from scratching, worsening eczema with an infection.

Managing eczema requires a review of the products and clothing your child uses, as well as his environment, to find out what triggers the condition. Of course, it’s best to seek medical advice too for the best treatment.

To avoid eczema from becoming too severe, consider using all-natural products such as Cherub Rubs. The brand was established by Australian naturopath Keeli, a mother of three who, out of wanting the best natural treatment for her rash-ridden child, developed the Cherub Rubs Skin Balm right from her kitchen.

She has since developed a whole range of certified organic skincare products, promising that all raw materials are sourced from Australia without any of the following harmful chemicals: synthetic or genetically modified ingredients, petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers, chemical preservatives, and steroids.

Cherubs grp shot

For lasting eczema relief, try the Cherub Rubs Nourishing Trio. Cherub Rubs products are suitable for all skin types, even for pregnant mums.

During baths, use theCherub Rubs Baby Safe Hair and Body Wash. This retains the skin’s natural moisture, which can otherwise be dried up by soaps, aggravating eczema. It is made with a blend of lemon oil and tea tree oil and is rich in vitamins A, C, and E. It’s safe for the face and can even be used by adults!

After baths, moisturise with Cherub Rubs Skin Balm to constantly heal the skin and prevent further irritation. It is made with sandalwood, calendula, and chamomile oils that soothe dry skin as well as organic butter and macadamia oil that nourish the skin and aid in regeneration. Nursing mums can also use this for cracked nipples.

Use Cherub Rubs Skin Soothe to alleviate itching and keep the germs from spreading and causing infections. This also works for insect bites and is safe to use even in the eye area. The organic ingredients present include aloe vera gel, centella, carrot, and calendula oils for skin revitalisation.  

Aside from the trio, Cherub Rubs also has a series of outdoor products, such as repellents and sunscreen, for a more holistic skin protection regimen.

Product: Cherub Rubs Organic Baby Skincare
Price: $21.40 to  $27.75
Available at: https://cherubrubs.com.sg/where-to-buy/