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SC Enrichment Awards 2018: Best Cognitive Training Programme

To help your child’s brain reach its full developmental potential, it is crucial for parents to invest in childhood cognitive training. According to experts, building strong foundational skills play an important role in healthy brain development across their lifespan.

Moulded during childhood, the development of complex neural connections and networks in turn impacts the development of cognitive and socio-emotional abilities, such as self-esteem, empathy and positive social skills.

While a child’s brain undergoes rapid development during the first three years, the rest of its adolescent years should not be overlooked. Especially since children with weak cognitive skills who face difficulties in areas such as reading and concentration, might carry these struggles into adulthood. With the proper training, the way a child thinks, learns, remembers and retains information can be strengthened. That is where cognitive brain development programmes come in.

Ric Cognitive Approach® Evidence-based Developmental Program


Founded in 2005, Ric Cognitive Learning Centre (RIC) is the first cognitive centre in Singapore to successfully improve students’ IQ. RIC specialises in providing cognitive and brain training enrichment classes for students aged five to 17 years of age. The unique scientific-based cognitive developmental training programme engages students using Multiple Coding Theory, which focuses on mental imagery, to enhance working memory, IQ and eventually, students’ academic results.

Students are split into age-appropriate levels, from NeuroCognitive Preschool (for four to six years), Junior (seven to 12 years) and Senior (from 13 to 17 years). Each class has a maximum of six students per practitioner – the highly stimulating training involves mostly practitioner-student interactions with no computerised tasks involved.

To monitor the effects and results of Ric Cognitive Approach®, RIC periodically administers Imagery Drawing Tests and standardised IQ tests to provide qualitative and quantitative information on their students’ cognitive improvements. Apart from having enhanced fluid intelligence (IQ) and empowered working memories, each young learner is equipped with the skills needed to develop into creative and confident life-long learners!

Ric Cognitive Learning Center
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