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SC Enrichment Awards 2018: Best Enrichment Portal

“For parents, by parents” – if you’re on the hunt for the best enrichment classes around, look no further than Today Got Class!


From early preparatory classes, to creative art programmes, to broad-based curriculums that impart fundamental and soft skills, there are a wealth of options for parents seeking to sign their young children up for enrichment classes. But searching for the right class that checks off all the boxes can be a tedious process – that’s where Today Got Class (TGC) comes in.

Founded in 2016 by a pair of Singaporean mothers, TGC is a free-to-use, online kids enrichment booking platform that allows parents to easily discover and book the best classes for their children. The portal segregates their over 1000 classes and 120 centres islandwide, into 10 simple categories, such as brain training, science, technology, engineering and maths, and sports. Each is carefully curated by their team, and even their family and pool of parenting friends, all for your peace of mind.

The process is incredibly easy! Once you’ve signed up, start your search based on your class, location, timing and price preferences. Not sure if you should take the plunge? Make an extra informed decision by reading the independent reviews by parents, that TGC shares on their platform. Next, make a booking via TGC and receive instant confirmation.

TGC gets even better: beyond their hassle-free service, the enrichment portal rewards parents with reward points for every booking made. Accumulate and exchange points for discounts on future bookings! Even better, TGC goes the extra mile to address parents’ needs by offering a plethora of special deals and discounts – think free classes, exclusive workshops, fun giveaways and more. The enrichment portal also publishes a comprehensive guide for the school holidays, recommended by parents no less.


Plus, if you’re looking for extra enrichment classes during the school holidays, TGC organises holiday camps which focus on prepping children for the digital future. The curriculum includes modules such as 3D Design, Coding to Entrepreneurship, Coding to Chinese and more, with the aim to make learning fun, relevant and contextual, with the best in-class trainers, for the #FutureReadyKid. With a forecast of 40 per cent of jobs set to be taken over by automation in 2020, it’s high time our kids learn to speak the ‘Language of the Future’ – and TGC’s holiday camps are the perfect place to start! 

With a wealth of quality enrichment classes, handy search options and stellar reviews, Today Got Class will definitely make it easier on busy parents! 

Today Got Class
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