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On the hunt for the best learning method or strategy to unlock your little one’s full potential? Experts believe that the first three years of a baby’s life is the most crucial to their development. It is when critical brain development and neural connections occur – during this time, what babies experience, feel and hear can influence their cognitive abilities. By exposing young children to right brain training methods, parents can help them grow into confident, well-rounded individuals, and give them a healthy head start.

The impact of right-brain training for your child


Our brains are divided into the right and left hemispheres. The left brain (or the ‘digital brain’) houses logical, analytical and objective traits. It oversees linguistic functions, adheres to orderly structure, and is only able to process small amounts of information at low speeds. Right brain (or the ‘analog brain’) characteristics include being visual, intuitive and creative. It processes and understands different information at much higher speeds.

Whether we’re performing a creative (right brain) or analytical (left brain) function, we receive information input from both sides of the brain. For example, while the left brain is put to task on mathematical equations, the right brain chips in with comparative and rough estimates. Similarly, language occurs as left brain activity, but the right brain helps us better understand contextual and tonal elements.

The traditional education system predominantly focuses on left-brain modes of thinking and learning, but the right brain should not be neglected. Simply put, proper right brain education has plenty of benefits: for example, it shapes children into fast learners, enhances comprehension and observational abilities, and develops strong photographic memories.

Nurturing young learners with the Heguru programme


Developed in Japan after over 30 years of extensive studies and practicum, the Heguru Programme is highly effective for right brain stimulation. Young learners are placed in a fun-filled learning environment where there is emphasis on creative and critical thinking. They are nurtured into positive and confident leaders with accelerated learning paces, which in turn enables them to excel in various fields such as academics, sports, music, arts and more.

Classes are grouped according to age: Infant and Toddler class (six months to four years old), Preschool class (four to six years old), and Primary class (six years and above). The latter class even includes the unique Hado Reading method, which equips learners with the incredible ability to understand the contents of any book within a single second – it’s touted to be achievable if training commences from an early age.

Led by Principal Jerris, the professional team of teachers at Heguru Singapore @ City Square Mall are trained and certified directly in the centre’s headquarters, HEGL INC. (Japan), and fully equipped with the skills and knowledge on the holistic Heguru programme.

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