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SC Enrichment Awards 2019: Best Coding Classes For Children

Today’s children form Generation Alpha. They’re born to a world where technology advances more rapidly than ever, so much so that an increasing number of gadgets and appliances are becoming indispensable in people’s lives.

Yet, much of this potential remains untapped—technological possibilities that are bound to be discovered by these “children of the millennials.” With this new reality, embracing the use of technology is not the only way to adapt. Understanding how technology works at an early age allows your child to develop crucial skills that will help him in the long-run, and perhaps even shape the future!


Cue Coding Lab®, a premier educational institution that teaches and empowers kids to code. The school was founded by an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), who has prior work experience in Silicon Valley, the centre of technological innovation and home to prominent tech companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Google.

As such, the school’s curriculum is MIT-inspired, designed by a team of global industry experts. It expounds on the local MOE syllabus to further inculcate computational thinking, creativity, and confidence amongst students. Coding Lab® places a strong emphasis on inquiry-based learning along with the application of key mathematical concepts.


The school caters to children aged four to 18, boasting centres in Australia and Japan as well. Allow us to dive a little through the age-appropriate classes:

  • Preschool (ages 4 to 6): This class kicks off children’s journey in developing their logical reasoning skills. Activities include programming an animation and directing a robot to retrieve treasures. It’s fun and immersive at the same time. At this stage, you may discover if your child has a knack for computer science and choose to harness this potential.
  • Lower Primary (ages 7 to 9): This formally introduces coding to children. Under the Young Computer Scientists programme, students will master 12 research areas beginning with game development. This level will help children have a better grasp of how to create from Scratch (pun intended), and inspire them to pick up important lifelong skills such as problem solving.
  • Upper Primary (ages 10 to 12): This programme enables children to excel in computational thinking—the ability to decompose a problem into smaller parts and provide the computer precise instructions to solve it—with Coding Lab®’s progressive learning roadmap. They will understand hardware with the micro:bit, and software through Python, a highly popular programming language. Students will also be exposed to the intricacies of user experience and user interface design, and are already expected to develop real-world apps and solutions.
  • Secondary and Junior College (ages 13 to 18): At this highest level, children are taught to be future-ready. Coding Lab® offers its proprietary Python courses ranging from Math simulations to artificial intelligence and data analytics. They also conduct academic training, which include International Baccalaureate in Computer Science (Java) and General Certificate of Education (GCE) O-level Computing.


Coding Lab® students have created close to 26,000 games and apps. With an 8:1 student to teacher ratio, children are bound to become programming experts, digital creators, or even industry game changers. Who knows, you might be raising the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs!

Fees vary from S$395 to S$745.

Coding Lab®
Locations: Parkway Parade (80 Marine Parade Road #10-06 S449269) | Upper Bukit Timah (264 Upper Bukit Timah Road #03-06 S588208) | The Grassroots Club (190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 S568046)
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.codinglab.com.sg
Facebook: Coding Lab