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SC Enrichment Awards 2019: Best Curriculum For Swimming Class

Responsibility and resilience are just some of the values children ought to learn as they grow up. Sure, they can know about these from their favourite superheroes or in studies. But as people say, “Experience is the best teacher.” What better way for kids to pick these up than through sports? They’ll not just develop physical skills; they’ll also gain life skills. Take swimming, for example. Even the simple act of floating requires focus and discipline, which are also imperatives when taking an exam. If you’ve chosen swimming for your child’s enrichment, then look no further for the school that provides the best instruction—X LAB!

Though this school is just three years old, it has established itself to be a formidable institution in the swimming industry. For one, among its founders is Olympian Mark Chay. He and his friends built X LAB “to create a swimming and learning experience for kids that is fun, rewarding, and transformational.” With that in mind, X LAB’s goal is not only to help unlock your child’s swimming skill and potential, but also other aspects of his development through X LAB’s curriculum, class setting, and coaching delivery.

The swim school, a brand of Sports Lab Pte Ltd, is located in Yishun and has world-class facilities to support the delivery of high sporting standards: indoor heated pool, sheltered Olympic pool, indoor multipurpose room, indoor gymnasium, and outdoor football field. All these contribute to countless opportunities for learning and playing both on land and in the pool, to develop a physically literate child ready for life!

Two programmes are available for children: Learn to Swim and Competitive.



Imagine your young one holding his own in the water—no floaters, no panicked flapping. What a feat! That’s where it starts at X LAB for children age 3 and up—building water confidence and the love for swimming. And yes, your child gets the best out of every class since X LAB ensures small class ratios and proper class matching. This environment also encourages children to interact with their classmates and build their social skills.

The curriculum is split in multiple levels over 3 categories, and with every successful eight-week level completion swimmers are awarded a certificate, which makes it an exciting journey! There are four Toddler levels to build water confidence and basic aquatic movements; nine Beginner levels to become proficient in breaststroke, freestyle, and backstroke; and nine Intermediate levels to master all strokes and be ready for competitive swimming. What is noteworthy is the additional land training classes for the Intermediate levels to develop the basics of athleticism.

And fret not about your child not receiving quality coaching standards as X LAB prides itself in its rigorous selection of Learn to Swim coaches. All of them have undergone 88 hours of swimming instructor course, including theory, practical, and on-the-job training, at the International Sports Academy.



The school’s strong Competitive curriculum encourages a winning mindset, deep practice, self-directed learning, and social awareness, which is backed by its teamship rules. It helps the swimmers win not just competitions, but win at life itself. So, if your child has exhibited great liking and skill for swimming, this class will propel him or her further. Join this energetic team and have your child training multiple times per week and competing in exciting local and regional meets!

In this program, swimmers are not only categorised according to their age but most importantly, their athlete development level: Junior (aged 6 to 12), focusing on improving technique and learning about competition; Gold (aged 10 to 14), focusing on refining strokes, building mindset, and mastering to compete; and Platinum (aged 12 and above), focusing on intelligence attributes and successfully competing locally and regionally. This structure gears them up for Long-Term Athlete Development, and makes them consistent performers over time.

Here comes an exclusive. X LAB has been privileged to regularly host swim coaches and tacticians who have worked with the likes of Ryan Murphy and Joseph Schooling. Recently, the Dutch National Coach, who works with Olympic Champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo, conducted a fascinating swim clinic. These are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities—an interactive experience unique to X LAB.

Further information

Learn to Swim
Schedule: One 50-minute lesson in weekends or selected weekdays
Cost: S$300 for 10 lessons + S$50 one-time registration fee
Others: Receive two make up vouchers & swimmer starter kit

Schedule: Five to eight two-hour lessons in mornings and evenings
Cost: S$188 per month + S$80 one-time registration fee
Others: Receive swimmer starter kit and purchase Adidas competition kit

X LAB Pro Pte Ltd
GEMS World Academy (Singapore), 2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039
Tel: 9664 1955
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.xlab.com.sg
Instagram: X LAB
Facebook: X LAB