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SC Enrichment Awards 2019: Best Programme For Right Brain Development

We’ve written a lot about Heguru in the past—only because of its proven track record in helping children achieve more in life. Here’s a quick Q&A on everything you need to know about this learning centre.

What is Heguru?

Heguru is a renowned right brain development school hailing from Japan with extensive research efforts exceeding 30 years. The incredible results and achievements of its students are testament to Heguru being an effective childhood education program.

It strives to nurture young, independent learners capable of unleashing their innate potential to contribute meaningfully to society.

Why is right brain development important?

Heguru focuses on helping children learn better, and this is best achieved through development of the right brain. It is the side of the brain that is developed first and includes the following functions: photographic memory, concept comprehension, mental concentration, rhythm processing, spatial recognition, and visual imagination.

As they grow, children will learn to capitalise on right brain abilities to complement left brain functions, which include analytical, rational, and comprehension skills. This, in turn, boosts overall brain development and allows students to reap amazing cognitive benefits at an exponential progress.


What programmes does Heguru offer?

Heguru’s programmes are specialised and developed to cater to mainly three groups: infant and toddler (0 to 4 years old), preschool (4 to 6 years old), and primary levels (7 to 12 years old) to provide quality stimulation and development of both the left and right brain in the long run. 

At Heguru, children will also acquire the Hado Reading skill. This leverages the holistic balance and characteristics of the brain as a whole, allowing children to comprehend content seen or read in just a couple of seconds.

How are Heguru teachers qualified for this kind of training?

Heguru Singapore @ City Square Mall possesses a team of dedicated professionals who work with high enthusiasm and passion in cultivating the development of the right brain in young, curious learners. After overcoming the rigorous and gruelling training regime, Heguru teachers received recognition and exclusive certification from Japan’s headquarters to uphold and execute the Heguru premium training programs of utmost quality.

How are classes conducted?

Heguru aims to nurture and build a strong foundation in enlarging the brain capacity from infancy age through a fun, supportive, and fast-paced lesson environment. This also allows the growth of the heart and confidence, enabling the children to draw out their innate potential and capabilities as they grow.


How does Heguru benefit children in the long run?

Heguru education does not solely focus on academic excellence. Rather, it aims to nurture, empower, and cultivate the hearts of young children to be filled with love, empathy, and courage. Ultimately, this instills essential qualities such as emotional resilience and critical thinking skills in them as they transform into future leaders, capable of guiding other and handling matters rationally with empathy and insight.

Heguru Singapore @ City Square Mall
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