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Red SchoolHouse was first opened in 2004 to serve the Thomson community with just 20 children and a small but dedicated group of early childhood educators. Within 3 years, the school was operating at full capacity with a waiting list. Now a multi-award-winning preschool with a growing network of centres across Singapore and overseas schools in China and Vietnam, each centre features early childhood facilities and programmes designed to exceed the highest industry standards. At Red SchoolHouse, they believe in creating a dynamic learning environment where children will be supported to reach their highest potential.

Photo credit: Red SchoolHouse

Photo credit: Red SchoolHouse

Red SchoolHouse offers a holistic SPICE Curriculum for children between 2 months and 6 years old. Spearheaded by their Director, Mrs Rachel Ding, the SPICE Curriculum is a collaboration between a pool of local educators from Red SchoolHouse, as well as seasoned early childhood lecturers from various educational institutes in Singapore.

In the SPICE Curriculum, the emphasis is given to hands-on learning through a collection of specially-designed teaching materials. A part of the SPICE Curriculum also includes their signature programme – Character For Life. The programme is anchored on a philosophy of Love and it encourages strong parent partnership while instilling in your child the spirit of independence and autonomy. Red SchoolHouse proactively creates opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s learning as it’s crucial to early development.

Children are given plenty of opportunities to develop their metacognition, as well as open-ended and higher logic reasoning from nursery to kindergarten levels. The main goal of their time at Red SchoolHouse is to nurture them into joyful and successful children while preparing them for formal school education.

At Red SchoolHouse, many opportunities are created for children to learn through play because it’s where they learn best. Their facilities feature spacious indoor and outdoor space, complete with customised playgrounds across the centres in Singapore for children to explore and freely express themselves. It is through play and enrichment that children learn many life skills including communication, creativity, problem-solving and most importantly – having fun!

Photo credit: Red SchoolHouse

Photo credit: Red SchoolHouse

The monthly educational field trips allow children to get a taste of immersive learning outside of the classrooms, and actively involve the kids in community involvement through visits to old folk’s homes. As part of their holistic learning curriculum, enrichment programmes such as music, ballet, hip hop, sports, creative arts, abacus, swimming and more are available to children.

With the tagline “Settling The Heart, Defining Your Child.”, Red SchoolHouse focuses on nurturing joyful and successful children, the main priority that guides all of Red SchoolHouse’s actions and activities.

A FREE 3-Day trial for your child is available at Red SchoolHouse before official enrolment.

Name of Centre: Red SchoolHouse
Address: Click here for full list of locations.
Contact Number: 6353 3200
Email: [email protected]
Infant Care Full Day: $1600
Toddlers – Kindergarten Full Day: $1300
Toddlers – Kindergarten Half Day: $1100