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Little Tree House Group offers premium infant care and child care services, specialising in personalised attention and customised learning to suit each child’s needs. At Little Tree House, they recognise that children learn best through play. Therefore, their project-based learning approach allows for self and guided exploration, encouraging children to be curious, inquisitive and positive. They nurture children not just for grades, but for success in life! 

Photo credit: Little Tree House

Photo credit: Little Tree House

Children are actively engaged in many thematic and hands-on exploratory, experiential learning and problem-based learning. Their unique curriculum focuses on self-help skills, independency, sensorial experiences and motor skills development. So as to develop children’s confidence and self-expression skills, languages are taught over fun ways through activities such as poems, recital, tongue twister, word games, songs and more, with emphasis on children’s phonemic awareness and access to a wide range of books and other readables. On top of bilingual literacy, children are also exposed to Early Math (Montessori Maths), Geography and Discovery Science, History and Social Studies, Creative and Language Arts, Arts and Music Appreciation, Computer Assisted Learning and Project Learning.

At their Westwood centre, they implement the hands-on Montessori curriculum which has five focus areas: Practical Life Skills, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture and it is integrated with their core curriculum.

Photo credit: Little Tree House

Photo credit: Little Tree House

For infants, other than providing basic needs of infants in a safe environment, their programmes are designed to engage and stimulate your infant through the five senses, gross and fine motor skills development, language and cognitive development and social and emotional connections. 

Little Tree House Group is a friendly neighbourhood brand with dedicated staff who put your child in the centre of their priority. Not only do they provide an all-rounded education and development for your precious one, they also ensure that their health and nutrition are well taken care of. Their infant care centres have high teacher-to-infant ratio to ensure that each of your child is given personalised care and attention. Older children of Little Tree House Child Development Centres are given the opportunities to partake in a variety of activities which further develop their language, cognitive abilities, fine and gross motor skills, as well as social interaction through sensory play.

In addition, their Project Approach allows for self and guided exploration, encouraging children to be curious, inquisitive and positive. Besides the technical skills, Little Tree House places heavy emphasis on developing children’s personal, social and emotional competencies. This encourages the building of positive relationships, learning to treat others with respect, having good manners, self-awareness, positively managing emotions and adopting socially-appropriate behaviour in different situations.

In 2018, Little Tree House Group will be upgrading their curriculum to prepare children for primary school and introduce more fun through a variety of enrichment classes to groom their potential interests in music, arts and sports. Children in their preschool centres play, learn and grow together and will blossom from excellence. 

Name of Centre: Little Tree House
Address: Click here for full list of branches.
Contact Number: 62504328
Email: [email protected]
Infant Care: $1,500 – $1,750
Child Care: $1,000 – $1,150
*All prices listed are before subsidy and subject to GST.