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Located within the tranquillity of lush gardening space, School House By The Garden offers a comprehensive and holistic preschool education to children by bringing nature into the classroom, giving young minds the liberty to explore and experience. Their curriculum employs a pedagogical approach that fosters deep learning with a blend of active self-discovery and educational excursions under the guidance of professional educators.

Photo credit: School House by the Garden

Photo credit: School House by the Garden

Using an integrated thematic approach for holistic education, children are introduced to up to two themes per term with at least one field trip, for children to explore and learn through a unique physical experience. Themes are set for each level from Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2. Children are encouraged to raise questions and search for answers about the topic theme within the school environment or on field trips.

Literacy, numeracy skills and higher-order thinking are applied in a 3-stage process, ‘Plan, Do and Review’ with their peers, while teachers act as facilitators to promote collaboration in learning among children, teachers and parents. Documentation and reflections of the project in the form of children’s work and portfolio reflect the learning process which is presented to their peers and teachers to build a child’s confidence in a team-work setting.

Photo credit: School House by the Garden

Photo credit: School House by the Garden

Children will be exposed to the world of science and nature through experiments and problem-solving activities, while they expand on their knowledge of aesthetics and creative expressions by immersing themselves in various art media and media materials to develop visual and sensorial capacities. The curriculum also emphasizes on social skills and emotional learning through pretend play and dramatization activities by re-enacting real-life experiences with simple props and DIY items.

They will learn to become skilled readers in both English and their Mother Tongue with the use of role play, song and dance on top of daily class discussions and exercises. Motor skills and hand-eye coordination are developed using simple tools to solve puzzles and obstacles, and children will also acquire concepts and techniques to understand the wonders of Mathematics, including learning how to apply them daily.

Learning goes beyond classrooms with speech and drama, PC lessons, abacus lessons, swimming lessons, board games and sports to work the child’s mind and body. As they advance to the next stage of their education, higher level questions regarding previously explored topics are posed to children for them to gain a deeper understanding.

At School House By The Garden, your children will be introduced to the joy of learning in a fun, safe and comfortable environment, where knowledge is freely shared amongst children, staff, and parents.

Name of Centre: School House By The Garden
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Infant Care Full Day: $1550
Infant Care Half Day: $1350
Playgroup – Kindergarten Full Day: $1000
Playgroup – Kindergarten Half Day: $800
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