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SC Preschool Awards 2017 – Mummies’ Choice Award Winners!

We asked for your votes in our inaugural Singapore’s Child Preschool Awards 2017 Mummies’ Choice category and the results are finally out. Which preschools scored with the local mummies?  Read on to find out.

Little Green House


Renowned for their muti-award winning LITERACY SMART curriculum, Little Green House strives to make a difference in a child’s early years by equipping young ones with strong literacy skills to set their foundation in writing, reading and speaking, even before primary school. Voted as having the Best Literacy Programme in the SC Preschool Awards 2017, Little Green House uses a wide variety of meticulously developed activities and learning aids to engage the little ones.

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Red SchoolHouse


Clinching the title of Best Holistic Curriculum in the SC Preschool Awards 2017, Red SchoolHouse is a multi-award winning preschool that has seen rapid local and global expansion since it opened its doors in 2004 – a true testament to its early childhood programme. Young learners at Red Schoolhouse are offered a dynamic environment to reach their fullest potential through the holistic SPICE curriculum (for children between two months and six years of age). Not only is parental involvement in the little ones’ education encouraged, children experience hands-on and immersive learning through play, enrichment programs and field trips.

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Chiltern House Preschool


There’s little wonder that the Chiltern House Preschool garnered the Best Bilingual Preschool award in the SC Preschool Awards 2017. Here, young students are put through a top-notch, fully bilingual programme to hone strong literacy skills in both English and Mandarin. But there’s more to learning at Chiltern House Preschool; their curriculum includes all-rounder subjects such as Research (Science and Technology), Cookery, Physical Education and Mindfulness. The children are also able to enhance their self-development through various learning centres that encourage exploration and experimentation in areas like language and mathematics.

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Congratulations to Little Green House, Red SchoolHouse and Chiltern House Preschool for winning the Mummies’ Choice Award! Discover the full list of Singapore’s Child Preschool Awards 2017 winners here