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Preschool education is a child’s first step in a long academic journey. At Wharton Preschool, the potential of each young learner is optimised through a varied and unique curriculum that celebrates uniqueness and encourages innovative thinking. Offering a suite of playgroup, nursery and kindergarten programmes for children aged 18 months to six years old, students are nurtured effectively through their most valuable formative years.


Image: Wharton Preschool

Adopting the Ministry of Education’s Nurturing Early Learners framework, Wharton Preschool integrates a unique three-pronged methodology – Montessori, Group Participation and Literature-based Learning – to ensure each child is well prepared for Singapore’s robust education system. Driving Wharton Preschool’s core values: Wisdom, Energy, Care, Honouring Uniqueness, Accountability and Integrity, Respect, and Teamwork, children are immersed in a nurturing environment designed for exploration and experiential learning.

With activities encompassing practical life, sensorial, linguistic and mathematical development through individual and group learning, students are given the freedom to choose what they want to learn. Lessons are customised to individual learning abilities and fuelled by their interests and natural curiosity. Apart from developing children’s problem-solving and social awareness skills and boosting self-confidence, this approach sparks a love for learning that grows from strength to strength.

Image: Wharton Preschool

Image: Wharton Preschool

Beginning from Wharton Preschool’s “preparatory stage 1”, playgroups are exposed to a rich curriculum with activities designed to develop fine and gross motor skills; music and movement, and songs and rhyming activities, bilingual immersion is encouraged. This emphasis grows – children are exposed to a range of early years Literacy and Numeracy. Apart from participating in theme-inspired activities that allow for creative and aesthetic exploration of language, art, craft, science and teamwork, children begin Wharton Preschool’s Preparatory for Higher Chinese Literacy programme. This head start ensures children achieve high levels of literacy long before Primary school. By the student’s advancement to the Intensive Higher Chinese Literacy programme, children will be well versed in the fundamentals of Chinese Literacy, conversational Mandarin, and even creative writing in Mandarin.

Children are further enriched through extracurricular programmes such as Multi-sports and Yoga, which serves to introduce preschoolers to the fundamentals of 10 different sports, and using yoga to develop concentration and confidence. Having access to a well-rounded preschool education equips children with academic skills and practical knowledge needed for a smooth transition into primary school.

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