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SC Preschool Awards 2018: Best Literacy Programme

Early literacy meets academic excellence at Little Green House, a multi-award winning preschool that offers quality infant and childcare programmes for children aged two months to six years. Since its inception in 2005, Little Green House’s dedicated team of professional preschool teachers have strived to provide rich and stimulating educational experiences to shape young minds while planting the seeds of language and literacy. 

Till date, the preschool brand has eight centres island-wide – each equipped with academic tools and facilities to immerse children in a literacy-rich and conducive learning environment.

Credit: Little Green House

As the early years are crucial brain development years, exposing young learners to well-designed early childhood environments are highly beneficial to children’s cognitive and motor functions. To build a good foundation before primary school, Little Green House’s playgroup, nursery and kindergarten classes follow the LITERACY SMART™ framework. Developed by Little Green House’s team of education experts, the comprehensive curriculum is designed to hone literacy skills in preschoolers of different foundational levels, gradually developing a child’s competency in reading, speaking and writing by the age of six.

To better facilitate the preschool’s literacy-centric learning, each Little Green House centre has specialised studios like The Language Lab and The Sound Factory, where award-winning books and state-of-the-art audio materials are available.

Having easy access to learning aids such as visual charts and audio books encourages self-directed learning and independence. In addition, the centres are richly stocked with age-appropriate readers and activity books, current news clippings and other learning aids are on hand to reinforce various lesson concepts.

Credit: Little Green House

Credit: Little Green House

To stimulate children’s learning interests, the teachers at Little Green House adapt unique themes and challenges each term to keep lessons fun and fresh. These activities, which include interactive role-playing and short quizzes, serve to engage the little ones at their own learning pace. Going the extra mile, Little Green House encourages each child to create his own story (complete with visuals) through the school term. The best entries are compiled into a book and gifted to the parents as a precious keepsake of their child’s efforts.

Believing that learning continues beyond the classroom, Little Green House has built a strong culture of parent-school engagement to support children’s learning and development. Through regular conferences, volunteer opportunities, detailed reports and more, parents are not only able to actively participate in their child’s school life, but also complement and enrich their little one’s learning journey.

Little Green House
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Contact Number: 6653 7146
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Infant Care Full Day: $1320
Infant Care Half Day: $1120
Playgroup – Kindergarten Full Day: $900
Playgroup – Kindergarten Half Day: $700
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