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SC Preschool Awards 2018 – Mummies’ Choice Winners!

The second edition of the Singapore’s Child Preschool Awards featured the best of local preschools, with a focus on unique qualities each educational programme had to offer. Out of the nine recipients, two scored additional accolades through the Mummies’ Choice category. Read on to find out who won!

Mulberry Learning


Integrating the best of globally recognised pedagogies: Reggio Emilia, Multiple Intelligences and Habits of Mind into a comprehensive curriculum that begins as early as the infant years, Mulberry Learning strives to mould young minds into intelligent, future-ready individuals. But it isn’t all work and no play there. At Mulberry Learning, which was awarded the ‘Best Reggio Emilia Preschool’, students are placed in a nurturing environment complete with curated zones that enable fun learning experiences for each child.

Read more about Mulberry Learning here!

Red SchoolHouse


Awarded the ‘Best Holistic Curriculum’, Red SchoolHouse believes in creating a dynamic learning environment to support children to their fullest potential. To do so, the multi-award-winning preschool adheres to their holistic SPICE curriculum, which emphasises hands-on learning through specially designed teaching materials and provides enrichment opportunities that extend learning beyond the classroom. From curious explorations of the preschool’s spacious facilities to immersive learning via monthly educational field and enrichment programmes, children are able to pick up versatile life skills while building a strong academic foundation for formal education.

Read more about Red SchoolHouse here!

Congratulations to Mulberry Learning and Red SchoolHouse for winning the Mummies’ Choice Award! Discover the full list of Singapore’s Child Preschool Awards 2018 winners here.