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A key consideration in choosing the most suitable preschool for your child is the curriculum. Each preschool provides a structure for learning, but there are differences in approach, and this one may just be the most effective yet for your child.

Mulberry Learning is an award-winning preschool brand, with 10 locations or “learning sanctuaries” throughout Singapore. It offers infant care, toddler or playgroup, nursery 1 and 2, and kindergarten 1 and 2. Its special curricula include Habits of Mind, Reggio Emilia, and Multiple Intelligences.

Habits of Mind

Mulberry Learning is the first preschool network in the world to be certified by The Institute for Habits of Mindand remains to be the one and only school in Singapore and in Asia with such certification. 

Habits of Mind are intelligent ways of thinking in approaching problems. There are 12 habits, which include persisting; managing impulsivity; listening with understanding and empathy; thinking flexibly; thinking about your thinking; striving for accuracy and precision; questioning and problem posing; applying past knowledge to new situations; gathering data through all senses; creating, imagining, and innovating; finding humour; and thinking interdependently.

These seem like a lot for a small child—but when you think about it, being able to practice such kinds of thinking at a young age will certainly shape children to become productive individuals as they grow older and take roles in the society. Even adults might benefit from learning some of these habits!

Habits of Mind are taught in Mulberry Learning through formal teaching, parental involvement, reinforcement outside lessons, and through other salient reminders like posters and celebrations in school.

It’s worth noting that the Ministry of Education also uses the Habits of Mind framework for its Gifted Education Programme.


Reggio Emilia

Complementing Habits of Mind would be the Reggio Emilia approach, an “educational philosophy based on the image of the child, and of human beings, as possessing strong potentials for development and as a subject of rights who learns and grows in the relationships with others.” By focusing on the child, it also looks at the participation of the family, teachers, and the educational environment.

Taking cue from the Reggio Emilia approach, Mulberry Learning invested in its learning spaces, which encourage children to explore, express, and thrive in these beautifully-designed zones. One such learning space is the Art Atelier, a small workshop featuring materials ranging from crayons to wires and other natural or recycled materials that will stimulate children to create freely. Other learning spaces are Transient Art, Reading Nook, Discovery Cove, Construction Piazza, and Imaginary Playscape—all guaranteed to facilitate self-directed learning in children.

Multiple Intelligences

Among the three, the concept of Multiple Intelligences may be most familiar with parents. As the name suggests, Multiple Intelligences recognises the “broader range of human potential.” The intelligences are linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist. Traditional focus has been placed on the first two, but all these types should be nurtured equally to ensure holistic development.

Mulberry Learning teaches its signature programmes for domain knowledge such as Literacy Fun, Chinese Master, Math Quest, Busy Baker, Music Mooves, Little Newton, and Picasso Kidz. It also employs the use of Project Inquiry for a more active learning process, as well as comprehensive bilingual programmes. Its core learning programmes are complemented by STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) enrichment programmes so children can better hone their creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills—all in the spirit of fun.


Mulberry Learning

Locations: Alexandra, Bukit Merah, Cairnhill, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong East, Tanjong Pagar, Toa Payoh, Woodlands, Shenton Way, Marymount
Contact Number: 6653 8082
Email: [email protected]


  • Infant Care: S$2,300 (Cairnhill and Shenton Way) / S$1,900 (Alexandra, Bukit Merah, Jurong East, Toa Payoh, Woodlands)
  • Child Care: S$1,900 full day and S$1,700 half-day (Cairnhill and Shenton Way) / S$1,600 full day / S$1,400 half-day (Alexandra, Bukit Merah, Choa Chu Kang, Jurong East, Tanjong Pagar, Toa Payoh, Marymount, Woodlands)