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“It was a ‘love at first sight’ moment back then when I enrolled my child… The cleanliness and brightness of the childcare centre and the friendly teachers gave me a good impression and feeling [of] warmth,” said Mrs Choo, mum of a student at Little Tree House’s branch in Sembawang.

For 16 years and counting, Little Tree House has become a learning haven for infants and children up to six years old. The learning centre offers infant care services, nursery services, kindergarten programme, and early childhood education. Here are three reasons why parents choose to trust Little Tree House with their children’s preschool education.

#1 It has an integrated, age-appropriate curriculum

The subjects covered at Little Tree House include Bilingual Literacy, Early Math, Discovery Science, Social Studies, Creative and Language Arts, Music Appreciation, Computer-Assisted Learning, and Project Learning. If you’re thinking these all sound complicated and too much for a little one, worry not. Little Tree House uses a variety of highly-engaging teaching methodologies for these topics to have a lasting impact on your child’s learning journey. 

Key to the pedagogy of Little Tree House is its focus on project-based learning, where children are encouraged to learn with a hands-on exploratory and experiential approach rather than a purely conceptual one. Teachers also employ fun methods using poems, tongue twisters, or word games to ensure language mastery, for instance. 


For toddlers, Little Tree House’s unique curriculum focuses on enabling self-help skills, independency, sensorial experiences, and the development of motor skills. For infants, expect that it won’t be just about providing your child’s basic needs and a safe environment. The learning centre has curated a programme that will engage your infant through the five senses, make social and emotional connections, and develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as language and cognitive skills. 

Specifically in its Westwood centre, Little Tree House employs the Montessori curriculum which, along with the core curriculum, builds on the following areas: Practical Life Skills, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, and Culture.

In 2020, the learning centre will be introducing its enhanced curriculum reviewed by curriculum specialists. This new curriculum will further integrate the concept of STEAM so as to prepare children for Primary school, while introducing more fun learning experience through a variety of enrichment classes to groom their potential interests in music, arts, and sports. New additions to the STEAM curriculum include Coding and Unplugged Coding, an exciting way to build computational thinking through hands on experience.

#2 It equips students with life skills

Although this was incorporated in the above point, Little Tree House’s focus on life skills is worth further underscoring. Besides the academic component, the learning centre also puts a premium on character development as well as practical skills that children need to learn early on to navigate life situations successfully. The centre believes that character is formed in the first six years of life and so it encourages children to be creative, confident, and problem-solvers at every step of the learning process.

Hence, Little Tree House promotes the importance of the process in each activity, which is a journey in itself that leads to understanding and learning. It allows for the opportunity to explore, be curious, and think of different solutions to a problem. Children will go a long way when these skills are practiced early on.

As the development of these soft skills vary in each child, Little Tree House provides a low teacher-to-student ratio so teachers can closely monitor a student’s progress and so as not to build pressure in class by allowing students to learn at their own pace.


#3 It promotes healthy eating habits

Another thing that makes Little Tree House stand out is its focus on cultivating healthy eating habits in children. Recognising the role of physical and mental health in becoming successful in life, Little Tree House inculcates the value of good nutrition in children. In fact, the centre is accredited under the Healthy Meals in Preschools Programme of the Health Promotion Board of Singapore. 


Little Tree House

Locations: Hougang, Sembawang, Westwood, Pasir Ris
Contact Number: 6250 4328
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.littletreehouse.com.sg
Fees: Infant Care: S$1,600 to S$1,850 / Child Care: S$1,100 to S$1,250 (All prices listed are before subsidy and subject to GST)