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With 39 years of providing high quality education not only in Singapore but also in Malaysia, it’s no wonder Lorna Whiston Schools has earned its reputation as a trusted school—the first “home away from home”—for the little ones. Since it opened its doors in 1980, Lorna Whiston has nurtured over 70,000 students and sent them into the world as empowered individuals of the future with a lifelong love for learning. 

Lorna Whiston offers preschool classes for children 18 months to 6 years old, and enrichment classes for children 18 months to adults. What has kept the school as a leader in the education field and a top choice for parents then until now?

Dedicated teaching staff

Teachers make a huge difference in children’s lives. At Lorna Whiston, preschool teachers are fully qualified and deeply passionate about helping children develop their individual strengths and learning skills. In fact, all teachers go through an additional 60 hours of professional development every year to ensure their knowledge and skills continue to match the needs of the new batches of students coming in.     

“Lorna Whiston Preschool has a very strong bilingual element to it. There is a Chinese and an English teacher at all times,” said dad Allan Chung


Tried and tested curriculum

Lorna Whiston’s curriculum team is currently headed by Ms Renee Stone, its Regional Academic Director. She holds a Master of Education from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. Renee values interaction in the classroom as she believes that when students are engaged in the lesson, optimal learning can occur. 

The philosophy, coupled with in-depth research, has guided the creation and delivery of the Lorna Whiston curriculum.

In its Bilingual Immersion Programme, English and Mandarin language educators co-teach throughout the day to promote equal immersion in these two important languages. Each week, they focus on a special topic then branch out into how this relates to the bigger picture—all through interactive sessions involving songs, rhymes, and other exciting activities to strengthen the children’s mastery of the languages. 

The Individualised Reading Programme ensures each child is well-prepared to excel in all subject areas upon entering Primary School. Learning becomes more specialised for the child by identifying his strengths and learning needs, then tailor-fitting the necessary resources to help him develop a love for reading, at his own pace.  

Lastly, Lorna Whiston’s Enrichment Master Classes for the full day programme are specially designed to develop a wealth of skills in different learning areas every afternoon. Classes are varied daily and include Speech & Drama as well as Fun with Phonics lessons, which are conducted by specialist teachers from Lorna Whiston Schools. Aside from these specialist classes, its range of Master Classes includes Art & Craft, Move It!, Stories & Rhymes, Let’s Play!, Chinese Arts & Culture, Happy Little Notes, Art Studio, and Let’s Create!—all of which provide children with a rich variety of experiences and holistic development throughout the year.


Ideal learning environment

Lorna Whiston offers a stimulating and positive learning environment, which we know is the key to creating happy, motivated children who are eager to learn. The importance of exploration and discovery are inherent in how classes are taught.  

Children engage in active learning experiences that ensure they truly understand the skills and concepts being taught. This positive hands-on approach to learning is crucial in the formative years, when children’s first experiences at school can shape their whole future attitude towards learning.

Lorna Whiston has earned the reputation of being a heritage education brand in Singapore due to its focus on the three strong keys to ensure successful learning. 

Lorna Whiston Preschool

Kallang Wave: #01-28 Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place, 397628
Winchester: 9 Winchester Rd, 117783
Contact Number: 6664 8150
Email: [email protected]
Fees: (monthly fees only before GST)
Preschool at Kallang Wave: Half-day – S$1,395 / Full day – S$2,070
Preschool at Winchester: Half-day – S$1,364 / Full day – S$2,070
Childcare Services: Per hour – S$18 / Per half day – S$72