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Crucial to effective learning is a highly engaging teacher. If you’ve watched the hit Korean drama Sky Castle, you would have seen this in action when one of the children who was struggling in school suddenly saw her grades improve, thanks to her new tutor who took an active interest in her learning process.

At Little Preschool, engagement is key and at its core is passion to make a difference so that children’s lives are enriched. The centre caters to children from two months to six years old, with services from infant care to Kindergarten 2. Their programmes run full day from Mondays through Fridays. 

Little Preschool holds big promise, recognising the importance of its role in honing the future generations and believing in everyone’s potential. The centre prides itself on creating experiences, opportunities, meaningful connections, and above all, a sense of being and belonging. Children’s engagement with teachers, friends, experiences, and the environment has a big impact on their motivation to learn and internalising the knowledge or skills.

Hence, for maximum and dedicated engagement, the learning centre has lower-than-recommended teacher-child ratio. The quality interaction Little Preschool provides also lies in its long-term approach to teaching, where the educators move with children as they progress to the next age group class. 

Engagement likewise extends to the parents and families of the students, with whom Little Preschool fosters close and open relationships, implements regular communication, and provides opportunities for parent education. 

Little Preschool utilises a bilingual programme and covers six key learning areas: Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Discovery of the World, Language and Literacy, Motor Skills Development, Numeracy, and Social and Emotional Development.  

How does teacher interaction make for the ultimate preschool experience? Little Preschool’s curriculum is anchored on its X-factor approach: eXperience, eXplore, and eXpress.



The planning of purposeful and meaningful experiences allows children to develop language skills, acquire concepts, engage in social-emotional interactions, and build motor skills. This is achieved through careful observation of the children’s interests, intentions, and behaviour, which are then used by the teachers to build lesson plans alongside the curriculum goals.

These specific insights enable the process for differential learning, where teachers are empowered and better able to provide students with the experience that can expand and deepen their understanding of the concepts taught.

eXperience also sets a standard for the staff as Little Preschool’s greatest strength is its strong commitment to its team. The team includes “educarers” with certificate qualifications and teachers with diploma and bachelor’s degree qualifications. Its centre leader holds a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education. Little Preschool also underscores the importance of continuous professional development of all its staff, as well as their well-being. In fact, it has a very low staff turnover rate!


Children learn through exploring, probing, questioning, and relating to experiences to build new knowledge with their peers and teachers. The Little Preschool’s programmes nurture this quest for discovery in every child to promote future independent learning skills.

The learning centre offers designated spaces for interest areas, complete with materials that can pique children’s inquisitiveness and creativity. These materials include recycled items, in alignment with the school’s environmental advocacy. Children are encouraged to have an eco-conscious mindset that they can continue at home. 

With Little Preschool’s special approach to learning, children are encouraged to explore and progress at their own pace while ticking all the boxes for holistic development—mentally, socially, and emotionally.


An effective gauge for learning is to see if children are able to express the concepts that have been taught. This allows teachers to look at the perspectives of the students as well, providing feedback on their teaching method and an opportunity to respond appropriately—which part of the lesson was not clear enough, what can be improved—to elevate the learning process. 

By being able to articulate their thoughts from the knowledge and experiences they’ve acquired, children are able to demonstrate confidence as well. Hence, parents are able to see first-hand how their children have progressed in school.


Little Preschool

Location: 530C Pasir Ris Drive 1, #01-396 Singapore 513530
Contact Number: 6208 0173 – Centre Landline
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
Facebook: Little Preschool
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Fees: Infants: S$1,530 (Before GST and subsidies) / Toddlers to K2: S$950 (Before GST and subsidies)