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At your child’s very young age, he may not be showing interest or potential yet on what areas, subjects, or skills he might excel in. Should you decide to take your child to a school with a particular specialisation, one of your best choices would be a preschool that puts focus on literacy, as it hones skills that will definitely take your child further as he grows older.

Earning a three-peat this year is Little Green House with its excellent literacy programme. “Under the roof of Little Green House, budding minds have a place to bloom,” its website banner says to welcome visitors. The school cares for children as it would young tree sapling—illuminating children with rays of encouragement, sprinkling their minds with love for learning, and nurturing their hearts with seeds of confidence.

Now if that read a tad poetic or creative to you, you know the school’s serious about its literacy programme! Its award-winning Literacy SMART programme trains children to become a fluent reader, a confident speaker, and a budding writer by the age of six—and well before they enter primary school. The programme is designed  to provide preschoolers of all levels with basic, intermediate, and advanced literacy skills.


Little Green House has designated learning spaces: Language Lab, Sound Factory, and The Stage further improve literacy capabilities such as reading, listening, and speaking.

Hence, all 11 of its branches throughout Singapore brim with age-appropriate reader and activity books, audio learning stations, and current affairs articles to stimulate children’s interest in real-world occurrences while exposing them to a literacy-rich environment. If your child’s into gadgets already, this would be a welcome break from all that playtime or video streaming.

But this doesn’t mean children will learn in solitude. To balance the self-directed learning, the Literacy SMART programme incorporates word games, storytelling sessions, and book sharing and reviews between lesson plans and play activities.

Together with Little Green House’s competent pool of teachers, classes are designed to be highly-interactive with enjoyable activities like role-play and quizzes to keep the children engaged, so that even the most book-shy children can be turned into voracious readers and maestros of the language. 

Besides its strong focus on literacy, the learning centre also nurtures the child’s total development through a fusion of strong academic curriculum, creative enrichment, and exciting hands-on activities. Little Green House makes use of thematic-based teaching, wherein teachers create an array of meaningful activities revolving around a central idea or topic, which then evolve into long-term projects the kids will remember even as they progress in the next levels of their education. 

Hence, dedicated learning spaces for other subjects are equally available: Manipulative Corner to promote gross and fine motor skills, Chinese and English Corners for language mastery, Numeracy Corner to learn mathematical concepts, and Discovery of the World Corner to delve into science.

Little Green House caters to infants aged 2 to 17 months and children aged 18 months to 6 years through the following programmes: Infant Care, Toddler or Playgroup, Nursery 1 and 2, and Kindergarten 1 and 2.


Little Green House

Locations: Bukit Batok, Hougang, Jurong West 478, Jurong West 502, Sengkang 2, Sengkang 48, Serangoon 540, Serangoon 553, Tampines, Woodlands, Yishun 
Contact Number: 6653 7146
Email: [email protected]
Infant Care: Hougang S$1,630 (full day) / S$1,430 (half-day); Serangoon 540 S$1,400 (full day) / S$1,200 (half-day)
Child Care: Hougang, Sengkang 2, Sengkang 48 S$1,080 (full day) / S$880 (half-day); Bukit Batok, Jurong West 478, Jurong West 502, Serangoon 540, Serangoon 553, Tampines, Woodlands, Yishun S$980 (full day) / S$780 (half-day)