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SC Preschool Awards 2020: Best In Bilingual Curriculum

In today’s hyper-connected world, future-proofing your children so that they become successful global citizens is a must. Not only is early education crucial to setting the tone for their future, it also ensures that they strive to realize their fullest potentials even at a young age.

So choosing a school that goes beyond the traditional practices is an important first step. First, you have to ask yourself, what skills will help my child become the best version of himself? And more importantly, what kind of environment will allow him to thrive?

At Viv’s Schoolhouse, education is not just a means for children to learn, but it is also a place where they can discover different cultures, embrace diversity, and celebrate their creativities and accomplishments. It is all about creating compassionate, well-rounded students through its award-winning bilingual curriculum—with focus on English and Mandarin—and experiential learning. This international school caters to children between 18 months to 6 years old. 

A Thriving Environment Through Highly-Effective Teachers

The bilingual curriculum allows learners to thrive in a highly-competitive world because of several benefits such as improved cognitive development, higher memory retention, and even better economic opportunities in the future. To realize all these, Viv’s Schoolhouse recognizes the role that teachers play. Teachers are trained extensively to deliver lessons in the best possible way.


Children are assigned with two co-teachers: one for English and one for Mandarin. For every lesson, children are divided into smaller groups of 2 to 3 for more targeted learning. The groupings are based on their learning abilities and interests. Thus, enabling teachers to monitor the quality of learning and keep track of the children’s progress on a daily basis.

“When I first stepped into the school, my mum instinct told me that this is it! This is the school that my child is gonna be in. The vision ‘to shape generations filled with passion for life and compassion for all.’ I know that my child is in good hands of warm and caring teachers,” said Zu Riss, one of the many parents who entrusted her child to Viv’s Schoolhouse. 

Viv’s Schoolhouse believes that it is important for learning institutions to understand the needs and learning preferences of their students to make education more effective. By breaking each class up into smaller groups, the needs of the students are met and they all receive undivided attention.  


Learning with two languages can be challenging for some children, especially non-native speakers. Here, teachers overcome this challenge by incorporating a variety of games and activities in every lesson to engage children wholly. Researches have shown that employing games and interactive activities in classes can motivate students and encourage them to pay attention. Even for Mandarin classes, the terms and origins of Chinese characters are done in a fun and captivating manner. Imagine the excitement when children get exposed to traditional Chinese calligraphy!

The lessons are also filled with challenges that stimulate children’s creative thinking and engage their five senses. By doing this, children are fully involved and are given the opportunities to think critically. This is an essential life skill that children are equipped with to take on the bigger world even after they graduate from preschool.

More Than Just Learning Languages

But this bilingual curriculum is more than just learning English and Mandarin—it’s also a door for students to start embracing different cultures and learn the uniqueness that each language offers.


The curriculum is designed with Viv’s Schoolhouse’s core actions in mind: 

  1. Entrust every child with responsibilities
  2. Empower them with lessons on accountability
  3. Excite them to explore endless creativity
  4. Inspire them to act with graciousness and magnanimity, and 
  5. Celebrate all of their milestones, big and small. 

This, in turn, helps mold children’s characters and prepare them for the future ahead—one that upholds Viv’s Schoolhouse’s belief: to inspire happy and engaged learners to reach their greatest potentials.

Another parent, Oliver Fodor, had this to share: “We loved the attention, support, and effort teachers put into understanding each child individually and they appreciate the child’s strengths. The school was a great learning environment for our children, giving them a solid headstart in learning two new languages as they couldn’t speak any English or Mandarin before attending Viv’s Schoolhouse. The school is friendly, and has a warm, family feel. They feel secure and totally at home. We feel that the children get a lot of individual attention from their class teachers, who get to know them really well.”


Viv’s Schoolhouse
12 Queen St, #04-01, Singapore 188553 (4th floor of Hotel Royal @ Queens)
Contact Number: 6909 1311
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.vivschoolhouse.com