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We’re wading deep into Plastic-free July and as awesome as this monthly challenge sounds, refusing single-use plastic should be an all-year round habit. Do your part for the environment – and groom your little eco-warriors – with these easy tips for families to cut down waste on the daily!

Go without plastic straws

#Stopsucking cold beverages with plastic straws by packing sustainable versions for use while you’re out and about. If you’re not used to sipping kopi peng or slurping down bubble tea without a straw, grab these reusable glass, metal and bamboo straws instead.

Use regular cutlery and tableware instead of disposables

It’s super convenient to use disposables, especially when you’re throwing a party or gathering, but they’re obviously bad for the environment. If using your regular dishes won’t cut it, opt for eco-friendlier disposables – they mayn’t be colour themed, but hey anything for the environment right?

Carry a reusable bag

The next time you’re going grocery shopping, grab a reusable bag so you can opt out of plastic bags. If you’d like lightweight yet stylish options to chuck in your bag for day-to-day use, check out foldable designs like these from Baggu!

Swap out plastic wraps for eco-friendly reusable beeswax wraps

Whether you’re prepping bubba’s lunchbox or storing dinner leftovers, ditch the clingwrap for reusable food wraps instead. Beyond being eco-friendly and reusable, beeswax wraps are also free from harmful chemicals and will keep food equally fresh. Check ‘em out here, or try your hand at DIY wraps!

Tapao-ing food? Bring your own reusable containers and don’t take plastic utensils.

From disposable containers and plastic bags, to single-use utensils and sauce baggies, plenty of plastics are used while grabbing food on-the-go. The next time you’re headed to the hawker centre to tapao food, bring along your own reusable containers and bag to minimise plastic wastage. If you find plastic containers too bulky, check out these nifty silicone collapsible containers that’ll take up way less space in your bag.

Bring your own coffee cup

Avoid using disposable cups (even paper coffee cups are usually lined with polyethylene, which is a type of plastic resin) during coffee runs by bringing your own. There are plenty of coffee cups available for purchase, like the barista-standard KeepCup. But if you’d prefer something smaller, opt for collapsible silicon cups instead. 

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