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Simple Summer Snacks You Can Make in 6 Minutes

The hot weather these days is great for swims, popsicles, and cold drinks but while a glass of ice-cold Coke might sound heavenly and just what you need to get through these warm months, these treats contain added sugar, which is often referred to as ‘empty calories’. Not only can excessive sugar intake lead to undesirable weight gain, it also increases risk of tooth decay. When snacking, choose food that contain naturally-occurring sugar instead, like those that are present in fruits and some vegetables. We share with you 3 recipes for mouth-watering and healthy snacks that the whole family can enjoy! 

Lemonade Fruit Popsicles

What’s better than ice-cold lemonade? Why, a frozen lemonade popsicle, of course! This popsicle is really simple to make. You could opt for store-bought juices or juice the lemons yourself. In the original recipe, kiwis and blueberries were used but you could also add other fruits like strawberries, shredded coconut, dragonfruit or grapes! Plan an outing to the supermarket with your little ones and get them to pick the fruits themselves. As this is simple and does not require much work, rope your children in so that they can play a part in making their own snacks. We have tips for cooking with kids here, so check that out before you embark on this adventure together! 

Watermelon Fruit Pizza

This is such a great recipe that we’re jealous we didn’t think of it first! We personally don’t know anyone who does not like pizza and this is the perfect idea for a summer snack because it’s refreshing and really simple to make so there’s no mess in the kitchen. Plus, we really like the idea of not having to sweat it out having to deal with dough and a warm oven. Again, this is something you could make with your children, and let them have mini competitions on who can create the most interesting looking fruit pizza. Losers have to clean up the kitchen after everyone is done eating! 

Fruit-Infused Water

Fruit-infused water is all the rage these days – it’s a healthier alternative to sodas, infuses your water with nutrients from fruits and makes your jug of water look colourful and amazing. If that’s not an interesting way to ensure your children stay dehydrated, we don’t know what is! You could also cut fruits into little pieces and place them into water in ice moulds before placing the moulds into the freezer to create little fruit-infused ice cubes! Other than fruits, some recipes also use cinnamon sticks and mint leaves. 

This article is an extension of an article found in the print edition of Singapore’s Child May Issue 174 with the headline ‘Cool Yummy Treats’.

What are some other healthy snacks recipes you know of? Share them with us below!