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Beyond the beautiful flowers, lavish meals and heartfelt gifts that are gifted to mums on Mother’s Day, does anyone really know what our beloved queens would actually want from their loved ones? Running the risk of sounding like a particular iconic Spice Girl hit, we reached out to eight mums to ask them, “What do you really, really want for Mother’s Day?” Here are their answers.

 “After becoming a mum, I truly realised just how huge motherhood really is. Taking care of the kids, running the household and juggling a career on top of it – I’m always on ‘Mummy mode’ and there rarely seems to be any time to just stop, breathe and relax. Of course, I do love being a mum, but if I could, I’d like to be able to regain my sanity and be able to take care of myself more.” – Arvil Chong, mother of two

“I would love to have a day off, just 24 hours of uninterrupted me-time! I’d probably spend the time watching my favourite K-drama, going on a shopping spree in town, doing my nails and drinking a huge glass of wine. All moms deserve a break and this day is the perfect time for everyone to leave us alone! (Laughs)” – Adeline Loke, mother of two

“If I’m really able to have anything I want for Mother’s Day, I would like to swop roles with my kids! Let them be the ones taking care of my every whim and need while I run around blissfully. And, I’d make it a point to call out “mummy, mummy, mummy!!!” on repeat mode – just like they do!” Marina Chong, mother of three

“My newborn son had to undergo a minor procedure recently. As a parent, it is very painful to see my child going through it. My wish for this Mother’s Day is to be able to free my children from all pain and illness, and for them to stay healthy always.” – Josephine Yap, mother of two

“I don’t need fancy meals or presents or flowers. Just appreciation for what I’ve done for the family. People often take mothers for granted, as if we are supposed to do this and that, but the thing is, we’re not slaves. Plus, there seems to be this “golden standard” of motherhood that we all have to follow, lest we be branded “bad mothers”. For Mother’s Day, I hope that everyone can be less judgemental, and be more supportive and appreciative of mothers.” – Venetia Sng, mother of one

“While Mother’s Day seems like the perfect time to spend with the family, what I would really like to have is uninterrupted time. A day where my schedule does not revolve around the child’s feed and sleep timings, a day where I can just do anything I want, or simply just switch off.” – Iris Chai, mother of one

“What I really, really want for Mother’s Day is to be able to spend more quality time with my daughter. Juggling a kid and a successful career means that I’ve had days where I had to spend precious time away from her. Now, as she approaches her teenage years, I am more mindful about our relationship. I would love to build an even stronger bond between us, to be the parent she looks for to help her on whatever she’s dealing with, and to be a source for comfort and advice. It would be even better if she could greet me with a big hug every day!” – Lyn, mother of one

“Mother’s Day is not about the flowers or cakes and gifts. Instead of focusing everything on that one day, I hope that my kids would be able to spend meaningful, quality time with me and show their appreciation all year round. Even taking time out of their day for a simple five-minute chat (without looking at their phones!) would be good enough!” – Mei Foo, mother of three

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