Snow White ACT 3i Festival for Children

Get swept away into the drama of Snow White, complete with a wicked stepmother, talking mirror and dwarves, and make your fairy tale dream come true! LITERALLY!

DuffleBag Theatre’s unique form of interactive storytelling is fun-filled, hilarious and comes with a TWIST! Guided by storyteller, Marcus, the actors will retell the story in their own comical and goofy way. And just when everyone is comfortably and intently watching, the actors will surprise the audience by pulling some of them up on stage to join in the action and continue the story in a crazy and unpredictable way. What will your ending be?

This performance is a part of the ACT 3i Festival for Children. ACT 3i Festival for Children is dedicated to children ages 2 to 12, in celebration of the arts, play and experience. 

Date: 24-29 May
Venue: Drama Theatre Centre
Address: 100 Victoria St, #05-01 National Library Building, Singapore 188064