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Being pregnant can come with a lot of difficult, confusing, and often scary situations. As such, a soon-to-be mum needs all the help and support she can get not only from friends and family, but from her healthcare providers as well. One person that plays a huge role in this journey is the gynaecologist—the person you’ll come to trust the most when it comes to your health and pregnancy. 

What should you consider when choosing your gynaecologist? Read on. 

#1 Your insurance coverage 

Pregnancy can be very expensive and as you prepare for your newborn, every dollar counts. It will help narrow down your choice if you select from gynaecologists that are covered by your insurance plan so you can also save on treatment costs.

#2 She’s recommended by someone you know

Referral is a good way to gauge whether or not a gynaecologist is the perfect one for you. It’s either a friend or relative who was recently pregnant recommended her or someone in your circle knows her personally. Knowing that a gynaecologist is trusted by someone you know will take the fear away and will make it easier for you to confide in her. It also pays to look at her track record and skills based on a friend or a relative’s experience.

#3 Your deal-breakers are met

To protect yourself from additional stress of not being able to reach your gynaecologist when you need her the most, you have to set your deal-breakers. These include her availability, ease of booking an appointment, office environment, accessibility, and gender among others. Set these limitations and choose your gynaecologist based on who meets your qualifications.

#4 There’s plenty of good reviews about her online

It won’t hurt to use your internet skills when researching about gynaecologists. You can visit the hospital’s website or the doctors’ own pages to read up on experience, credentials, and other pertinent information. Connecting with your gynaecologist makes it more comfortable to speak to her about your pregnancy especially if she will be your go-to person for the next nine months. Checking online profiles will also help you gauge whether or not your personalities will match.

#5 She can accommodate your preferred birthing method

It’s important to consider your birthing option when choosing your gynaecologist because some doctors don’t practice certain delivery methods. Make sure to do your research or ask the hospital for gynaecologists who can accommodate your preferred method.

#6 Check the hospital/s where she works

Knowing in which hospitals your gynaecologist works is very important. You might want to know the resources that are readily available in those hospitals, how accessible they are to you, what pre- and post-natal care can they provide, and what are their visitor policies.

TIP: It is also important for women to have regular screening for cervical cancer. According to the Singapore Cancer Society, this is the 10th most common type of cancer in Singapore, killing 70 each year. A Pap test is the most effective screening tool for detection of cervical cancer and the Singapore Cancer Society Clinic @ Bishan offers it for free. See further details and make an appointment here.

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