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Mummies have always been on the ball, never failing to come to the rescue whenever they are needed—or even at the thought that they will be needed. Mother’s intuition, right?

But sometimes the daily grind of motherhood and constantly thinking about everyone in the family can be tiring, too. And so once a year, we make it all about you!

Even if you’ve planned family activities for Mother’s Day weekend, don’t forget to leave some time for yourself as well. We’ve rounded up ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day and rejuvenate without having to spend so much time away from your little ones.

#1 Learn something new and rediscover yourself

It’s easy to get caught up on the demands that motherhood requires. In some cases, you would have forgotten your own interests and passions. Let Mother’s Day be the day you revisit your favourite but long-forgotten hobbies. Check out workshops in the neighbourhood you can participate in such as this embroidery workshop by Bead Bad Wolf.

Photo credit: Storytel

Photo credit: Storytel

#2 Take the day off

There’s no better day to indulge in some “me time” than on this special day! While it’s always great to spend quality time with the family, there’s no shame in wanting to find time to reconnect with yourself. By setting aside time for yourself, you are mentally recharging yourself, which benefits not just you but also everyone in your family.

Pamper yourself by booking a spa appointment, catching up on your sleep, or listening to some music with your favourite beverage in hand. If you’re into reading, gift yourself with a subscription to Storytel audiobooks, now available in Singapore, and read the latest from your favourite author.

#3 Dine out by yourself

When you become a mum, it is often easy to forget what it feels like to enjoy a meal outside without any distraction especially when meal time means tending to the needs of your children and those around you. So take the day to reward yourself with a trip to your favourite cafe or that new place you’ve wanted to try, and enjoy an excellent meal where you can savour each bite without any interruption.

You can also celebrate Mother’s Day alongside other mums by joining the Nestle NAN OPTIPRO 3 luncheon, aimed at giving around 1,000 mummies an afternoon of quality time to refresh and recharge.


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#4 Buy yourself something nice

When was the last time you shopped, found something you really, really liked… and actually bought it? Mother’s Day is the perfect time (and excuse) to go get yourself that one thing you’ve always wished to have. Whether it’s the nice dress on display or that classy jewellery—such as this newly-released earrings from Poh Heng’s Love Journey Collection, perfect for date nights with hubby—you deserve it.

#5 Organise a girls’ night out

A mum’s social life does not have to be limited to conversations with other mums at the park or parent meetings at school. Why don’t you gather some of your closest gal pals for a girls’ night out and celebrate each other’s accomplishments, whether they’re mums or not? Relive the good ol’ days with your dearest friends and sing your hearts out in K.Star KTV.

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